Clash Royale Clan Wars Explained: Rewards, Collection Day, War Day

Clan wars is finally here in Clash Royale, added in the April 2018 update, but it might seem a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what is going on. I’m here to explain every part of clan wars, from the rewards, to collection day and war day, and everything in between. Here’s your in-depth guide to clan wars in Clash Royale!

Clan Wars Collection Day War Day Clash Royale

Clan Wars Overview

First off, let’s get some basics of clan wars down. Clan wars in Clash Royale are DRASTICALLY different from clan wars in Clash of Clans, so don’t expect many similarities between the two games.

Here are some basic facts about clan wars that you should know in order to participate.

  • All participants need to be at least king tower level 8
  • Only Clan Leaders or Co-leaders can start a war
  • Clan wars can be done at any time of the day, but you can only do one at a time

Clan wars for Clash Royale is going to appear in the clan tab of the menu. It will be shown between the chat and friends tabs.

Clan Wars Tab Clash Royale

From this button, you can access everything that you need to for clan wars. This will hold the Collection Day and War Day attacks, as well as your clan league and rewards from clan wars.

Once you click on the war tab in your clan tab of the game, it will take you to this screen here, showing all of the different arenas together in some really neat artwork.

Clan Island Clan Wars Clash Royale

Once you click on the tab, if a war is started, you will be able to view the clan island. This will take us into the Collection Day part of this article, and the first day in the clan war process!

Clan Wars Collection Day

Once a war is started, the game will show the clan island, with all these different buttons on it. These buttons will include draft mode, 2v2, double elixir, and sudden death. You can participate in any of these gamemodes during Collection Day. First though, let’s get a bit of background on Collection Day.

Collection Day is the first part of the clan war where you can battle with your own cards and card levels. By winning battles during Collection Day, you can earn clan cards for your clans. These clan cards are used to build your war deck for War Day!

Clan Cards Clash Royale Clan Wars

The more battles that your clan wins during Collection Day, the more cards that you will have access to during War Day, as well as higher level cards. You get three battles during Collection Day, with wins giving your clan more cards while losses will still earn you cards, just not as many.

The higher arena you are in, the more cards you can earn for your clan. Once Collection Day is over, you can build a deck from the cards that your clan has won during Collection Day to play in War Day.

Clan Wars War Deck Clash Royale

Clan Wars War Day

Once you reach War Day, this is when your attacks really count towards winning the war for your clan. While Collection Day wins will certainly help you, since they will ultimately earn you higher card levels, war day is the time to win.

You only get ONE battle on War Day, so make sure that one attack counts. You should probably practice many times with your war deck in ladder and challenges so that you can win during War Day. Keep in mind that you can only use the cards that your clan earned during Collection Day. Also, if your card level is lower than the one your clan has, you will have to use the lower level card.

During War Day, you will be going up against 4 other clans, with different tiers of rewards depending on how you place compared to the other 4 clans. Here’s the clan war island where all the clans go to battle!

War Day Island Clan Wars Clash Royale

Ultimately, whichever clan has more wins against the other clans will end up winning the war and the rewards that come with it! Don’t worry though, if you place 2nd or even 5th, you will still get some rewards.

Clan Wars Rewards

The rewards are ultimately the best thing about clan wars, giving you the make up cards from the removal of the clan chest. At the end of every clan season (2 weeks), you will receive a war chest that you can open for some pretty awesome rewards.

Right now, every clan in the world is in the Bronze League, the lowest league for clan war rankings. Bronze League Clash Royale Clan Wars Clan Leagues

As you win more wars, you will move up in leagues, facing tougher opponents but also getting better rewards. A first place victory in bronze league gives you a 1/10 chance for a legendary card, while a first place victory in legendary league guarantees you a legendary card.

Clan Wars Rewards Clash Royale

Also, as your league increases, the amount of cards you can earn from a Collection Day win or loss is going to increase. In Legendary Arena, you can earn 150 cards for a Collection Day win in bronze league, while in legendary league, you can earn 825 cards for a Collection Day win.

Collection Day Chests Clash Royale Clan Wars

The whole goal here is to keep increasing your clan league in order to receive higher rewards and hopefully make it a little bit easier to win if your clan is really into war. I’ll have more out tomorrow about the different rewards from clan wars.

And that is going to wrap up our guide for clan wars. This new feature from the Clash Royale April 2018 update has been amazing so far, and I wish you guys luck competing in clan wars. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about clan wars in Clash Royale so far!

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4 thoughts on “Clash Royale Clan Wars Explained: Rewards, Collection Day, War Day

  1. Hello, thanks for this. I m getting a bit erritated with this war format. First with the fact that you can play against higher or lower level opponents, and now with the realization that on collection day, two members of the same level can get different amount of cards despite both wining the battles. Do you know the details on cards won, by level of the player and why the number of cards rewarded can differ for equal level players with equally won battles?


    • Hey Cavaleira, glad you enjoyed! The cards won are purely determined by current trophy count. The higher your arena or league, the more card you can win through a win or a loss.


  2. Thanks for this article!
    I was wondering why you get a reward only every 14 days when you can receive a clan chest every 2 days. But since you can still gain trophies during the season, it seems like the point is to get in the highest league you can to receive the best chest you can get!


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