Everything We Know about Clan Wars in Clash Royale

Clan wars will be dropping in the April update for Clash Royale tomorrow! Clan wars is going to be one of the biggest features Clash Royale has ever added, so here’s everything we know about clan wars in Clash Royale so far, including clan wars chests, card levels, and format!

Clan Wars Island Map Clash Royale April 2018 Update

Everything about Clan Wars

On Discord, Clash Royale hosted a brief Q&A about the April update since the update was delayed a day. Many questions were asked and here is a nice summary of everything of importance that Clash Royale said about clan wars, as well as the update in general.

Clan Wars Information Clash Royale

This picture was made by KFC Clash on Twitter.

Just in case the picture won’t load for you, here the complete list summed up. Remember, everything here is CONFIRMED by the official Clash Royale team and will be coming in the April update.

  • Update will drop in the morning, Finland time
  • Clan wars won’t be tournament standard cards
  • A Radio Royale will be released after the update goes live
  • Both leaders and co-leaders will be able to start clan wars
  • Clan wars is coming with a special offer
  • Rewards from clan wars will involve chests
  • Clan wars can be done at any time
  • A new card will be released with the update, but will be released in May
  • Clan wars will be both 2v2 and 1v1
  • No one in the community has guess how clan wars will work yet
  • Clan wars will be PVP
  • A level 8 king’s tower will be required to play in clan wars
  • Atlantis arena is a fake arena (probably is the clan wars arena)

This is a lot of information about some of the small details surrounding clan wars, but nothing that tells us the basis of clan wars yet. A lot of people have been mad about not having tournament standard in clan wars, but I think this will be good since you can be better at clan wars the longer you’ve played the game. It will probably work just like in Clash of Clans where you are matched up against someone with similar card levels.

I’m also glad to see that a special offer will be live with the update. Let’s hope that this offer gives us good value, unlike the Easter offers that were released.

The last big thing confirmed by Clash Royale was that a new card will be coming with the April update. Of course, we won’t be seeing this new card until May, but new cards always shake things up and make it exciting to play.

I’ll be seeing you guys tomorrow for the update release on April 25th. I am super stoked for the update and cannot wait to see what clan wars will be. Thanks for reading and comment below what you are most excited for in this April update!

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