Barbarian King and Archer Queen New Hero Rarity LEAKED!

A new hero rarity has been leaked in Clash Royale, bringing us two new heroes, the barbarian king and archer queen. This leak stems from the April 2018 update. Here’s everything we know about the barbarian king, archer queen, and new hero rarity leaked in Clash Royale!

Barbarian King Leaked

Just like how the rascals and lava golem cards got leaked, the barbarian king was datamined from the game to find some images of him. Here are those images, with all the parts of the Barbarian King.

Barbarian King Leaked Clash Royale

You can clear see the actual Barbarian King, which very much matches the BK from Clash of Clans. It is assumed that these new heroes will be even rarer than legendary cards, but we don’t know much about their update pattern. Here’s the Archer Queen leak!

Archer Queen Leaked

Just like the other cards, the Archer Queen was also datamined to prove the existence of her highness. She has more exterior parts than the Barbarian King, but you can still clearly see that she matches the AQ from Clash of Clans.

Archer Queen Leaked Clash Royale

We have no idea when these two new heroes are going to be coming out in Clash Royale. Clash Royale hasn’t announced the new hero rarity yet and hasn’t hinted towards it at all. If I had to guess, I’d say that we could see the two heroes come out in the summer update, but that could be anywhere from June to August.

I think that the idea of heroes is really interested and can’t wait to see it implemented in Clash Royale. It is assumed that we will see the Grand Warden and Master Builder added to the game at some point too. Thanks for reading and comment below what your impression are of these two new heroes coming to Clash Royale!

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