Clash Royale Mini Update: Clan War Improvements

Clash Royale will be having a new update today or tomorrow, April 7th or April 8th, addressing some improvements and glitches with clan wars and the April update! These aren’t major updates to Clash Royale, but here are all the improvements Clash Royale will be making to clan wars.

Clan Wars Update Clash Royale April 2018 Update

Clan Wars Improvements Update

There has been a couple things that players in the community have had issues with in clan wars. Mostly, sometimes clan wars would make the app crash after clicking on the leaderboard. Also, it was a pain to have gold and gems in your clan chat. Here’s all the changes Clash Royale is going to be adding to clan wars.

  • Improved player sorting on the Clan War Leaderboard – by wins, then inverse battles remaining, then cards collected
  • Removed the visible Trophy count from Clan War battles, as it’s not a factor in Clan War matchmaking
  • Reduced animation duration of the “King Level, Gold, Gems” drop down (from the top of the screen)
  • Added estimated matchmaking times on both Collection Day and War Day (when looking for a battle)
  • Fixed the War Leaderboard crash
  • Battery life improvements!
  • Lots of bug fixes!

It’s really great that Clash Royale isn’t waiting until the next update or balance changes to make these changes. These improvements are all great for increasing quality of life across the game.

I can’t wait for this update to hit and see these glitches removed. Clan wars has been awesome so far, and I want to see it continue to improve in the future. Thanks for reading and comment below what your opinions of clan war are so far!

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