Clash Royale Balance Changes Update (August 6th, 2018)

Clash Royale’s newest balance changes are out, coming live into game on August 6th, 2018! In this balancing update, Clash Royale is nerfing the tesla and inferno dragon, while buffing the royal hogs and king tower! Let’s take a look at all the balance changes coming in the August 6th balancing update to Clash Royale!

As always, nerfs will be listed in red, while buffs are in blue.

  • Inferno Dragon: Range decreased 4.0 → 3.5, can be knocked back
  • Royal Hogs: First attack faster
  • Baby Dragon: Hit Speed faster 1.6sec → 1.5sec, can be knocked back
  • Knight: Damage +5%
  • Tesla: Lifetime shorter 40sec → 35sec, Hit Speed slower 1sec → 1.1sec
  • Bomb Tower: Elixir cost decreased 5 → 4, Lifetime shorter 40sec → 35sec, Hitpoints -33%
  • Cannon Cart: Cannon Lifetime longer 20sec → 30sec, transforms into Cannon faster, immune to knock back
  • Balloon: Can be knocked back
  • King Tower: Damage increased to match Princess Towers

Clash Royale Balance Changes Update July 2nd 2018

Balance Changes Nerfs

One of the biggest nerfs in this round of balance changes is the nerf to the tesla, which brings down both its lifetime and hit speed. This should make it much easier to kill with a hog. The inferno dragon also sees a nerf, in the form of a range decrease, with knockback now a factor. Lastly, the balloon can now be knocked back, which should make the fireball a more viable counter.

Balance Changes Buffs

There were many more buffs than nerfs in these balance changes, starting off with the royal hogs. Royal hogs have been pretty weak, but now their first attack will come sooner. Despite being able to be knocked back, the baby dragon still got buffed with a .1 second hit speed increase. With the strength of the valkyrie, the knight is getting a little bit of love with a 5% damage buff. Finally the bomb tower is getting a rework, with a decrease to 4 elixir,, hopefully to deal with smaller swarms for a realistic elixir cost. The biggest buff in these whole balance changes goes to the cannon cart, which got a lifetime increase and a time boost. Lastly, the king tower is being buffed a bit to compete with the arena towers.

I’m really happy with these balance changes, and the knowledge that the valkyrie will be buffed soon! I’m really excited to see if the bomb tower can get some momentum as a completely new card. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about these new balance changes coming to Clash Royale!

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29 thoughts on “Clash Royale Balance Changes Update (August 6th, 2018)

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  4. I feel like tanks might get a bit too strong because Inferno Dragon and Tesla are some of the biggest counters for them, heck we might even see a Giant Skeleton meta!

    At the same time People seemed to complain about Giant, PEKKA and Golem being too strong even before ID and Tesla’s nerf


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  6. “With the strength of the valkyrie, the knight is getting a little bit of love with a 5% hitpoint buff.“ what?! Wasn’t it damage?


  7. Wow! Baby Dragon, Balloon and Inferno Dragon nerf is helping Giant Snowball!

    But should Giant Snowball itself need a direct buff?


  8. If the Balloon was nerfed like that a year ago, then I’ll probably be celebrating because as you know, I despised Balloon at that time

    Now, I was actually a bit disappointed about it, buff lava hound to compensate it? Or will people be fine about the nerf?


  9. This change might completely kill inferno Dragon and he might return to the bottom of the legendary rankings once again, people are gonna spam those like Fireball and Snowball which resets his charge, it wasn’t even necessary to use those like E-Wiz, Zap and Lightning to stop him


  10. Valkyrie is too strong now, even if the Knight will 1 shot goblins that won’t affect her at all, like seriously, she’s probably the best mini tank in the game


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