Clash Royale August Balance Changes LEAKED

The August balance changes that are coming in Clash Royale have been partly leaked by the Clash Royale team. In the official leak, Clash Royale announced that the inferno dragon, bomb tower, tesla, and king tower would all be getting changes. Here’s all the leaks we know from the Clash Royale August 2018 balance changes!

Clash Royale August 2018 Balance Changes Update LEAKED

Clash Royale August Balance Changes

Clash Royale sent out this tweet, hinting at the August balance changes that should be coming on August 3rd. Here are four of the “cards” that are going to be changed in this balancing update.

Of the three cards listed, it is pretty obvious that the inferno dragon and tesla will be receiving a nerf, while the bomb tower should be getting a pretty big buff.

The real interesting part of these balancing changes is that the king tower will be receiving some sort of change in these balance changes. I honestly have no clue what sort of change the king tower might be getting, but it will be weird to see it be buffed or nerfed!

I’m excited for this round of balance changes, especially for the bomb tower buff and tesla nerf. I cannot wait to see what sort of balance is coming to the king tower, but we will see tomorrow! Thanks for reading and comment below which change you are most excited to see!

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