Clash Royale October Balance Changes: YOU Choose the Balance!

The Clash Royale October 2018 balance changes are approaching and Clash Royale has given us some information about what buffs and nerfs might be coming in the balancing update. Also, the players of Clash Royale, namely you, will be able to choose to buff or nerf one of the cards in Clash Royale! Here’s all the information we have so far about the October 2018 balance changes!

Clash Royale October 2018 Balance Changes Update

October Balance Changes Info

This morning, Rum Ham, one of the official community managers for Clash Royale, sent out this tweet, stating that they already have 7 balances ready to go and need an eighth, which will be voted on by the Clash Royale community.

It seems that because Clash Royale is at such a good point in terms of balanced cards right now that they are going to let the community choose whatever buff we want to see.

You might be thinking, this is extremely risky, since there are a lot of trolls out there that might vote to buff cards like hog rider or royal hogs. However, Rum Ham promised that there will only be cards that severely need a buff and are well beyond the meta at the moment.

Clearly, it seems like Clash Royale has put a lot of thought into this and are making sure that we won’t be seeing a buff to an already strong card. This makes sure that the buff that will be announced is going to be something that the majority of the Clash Royale community wants to see.

We also have 7 other cards that are going to see changes and honestly, I’m not too sure what cards are going to be nerfed. Right now, the meta seems pretty balanced, so in this round of balance changes, I think we will see primarily buffs. Here are the cards that I think are deserving of a nerf or buff right now in Clash Royale.

  • Skeleton Army (buff)
  • Goblin Hut (rework)
  • Royal Giant (buff)
  • Royal Recruits (buff)
  • Flying Machine (buff)
  • Royal Hogs (nerf)
  • Goblin Giant (buff)
  • Ice Wizard (buff)

Those are just my ideas, so go ahead and comment below what you would like to see nerfed/buffed in the October 2018 balancing update to Clash Royale! Also, be sure to vote on what card you want to see buffed tomorrow. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash Royale content!

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10 thoughts on “Clash Royale October Balance Changes: YOU Choose the Balance!

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  2. My personal ideas:
    Rascals (Buff)- Rascal Boy needs to do more damage. Rascals would be more effective overall if this change happened.
    Giant Goblin (Buff)- More damage or more health, either would give this card a boost and might be able to assert itself as a new win condition.
    Skeleton Barrel (Buff) More skeletons need to pop out. 6 skeletons for 3 elixir is not enough.
    Giant Snowball (Buff) Needs to do more damage if it wants to be interchangeable with Zap.
    Hog Rider (Nerf) Too much health. I feel like no matter what defense I put down, it’ll always get a shot off.
    Elite Barbarians (Nerf) Either whittle down the damage, lower the attack speed, or increase the card to 7 elixir. I find myself taking a considerably large amount of damage from one weak Elite Barbarian way too often.
    Knight (Nerf) Too much health. I find my push being stopped by just a single knight because it takes so long to whittle down his hit points.
    Tesla (Nerf) I feel the Tesla lasts too long considering the advantage it has of going underground while it is inactive. I think the Tesla should have less health, or not last as long.


    • 1. I think rascals are actually a pretty strong card right now, especially in the current meta.
      2. Giant goblin definitely needed that buff!
      3. I think they need to revert it back to 7 or even 8
      4. Clash Royale knows what’s up!
      5. I don’t think you can nerf the hog rider without nerfing royal hogs
      6. Elite barbarians are easily countered and pretty inefficient on the ladder
      7. Knight is in a good place I think
      8. Tesla is a bit too strong, but I think too big of a nerf would make it irrelevant.


  3. My balance changes ideas

    Goblins (buff)
    Royal Giant (buff)
    Elite Barbarians (rework)
    Furnace (buff)
    Wizard (nerf)
    Goblin Barrel (nerf, that’s because I’m buffing goblins)
    Giant Goblin (buff)
    Sparky (Rework)


    • Yeah, I think those would all be good. Unfortunately, Clash Royale has said wizard is actually weaker than they want and that the community just complains about it too much D:


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