Best Decks in Clash Royale after October Balance Changes

The Clash Royale October balance changes are released, bringing buffs to the goblin giant, royal giant, ice wizard and more. Every balancing update, the Clash Royale meta is shaken up, so here are the best decks to use in Clash Royale after the October 2018 balance changes!

Clash Royale Best Decks October Balance Changes

October Balance Changes Decks

Most of these decks are based around cards that have been buffed, especially the win conditions like goblin giant and royal giant. The decks below are the decks that have been most heavily impacted by the October balance changes. Here are the three best decks to use after the October balance changes in Clash Royale!

Royal Giant Beatdown Deck

Royal Giant Deck October Balance Changes Clash Royale

It is expected that royal giant is going to see the most change in the meta after these balance changes. With a HUGE rework (1.5 tile range nerf, 60% damage buff), the royal giant is posed to become one of the best win conditions in Clash Royale. With this deck, you can combine minions and the musketeer with the royal giant to have some devastating pushes. Expect to see the royal giant shoot up towards the top of win conditions in Clash Royale!

Cards Buffed: Royal Giant, Skeleton Army

Goblin Giant Double Prince Deck

Goblin Giant Deck October Balance Changes Clash Royale

With the prince already being one of the strongest cards in Clash Royale, combined with the new and improved goblin giant, this deck should be pretty formidable. I think that the goblin giant will finally get some use after being neglected a lot the first month of its release. The spear goblins in the back of the goblin giant will help support the double princes from air units, while the triple spell threat in this deck can make it tough to play any defense to stop these pushes!

Cards Buffed: Goblin Giant

Iced Graveyard Deck

Ice Wizard Deck October Balance Changes Clash Royale

For one reason or another, the graveyard is suddenly becoming a top win condition in Clash Royale. After the ice wizard receives a small buff, this strong graveyard deck should only get better. The valkyrie and cannon cart, despite recent nerfs, are still really strong cards that take a lot to beat. You can play either valk, cannon cart, or ice wizard with the graveyard to force a double counter. Don’t forget about the power of the poison combined with the graveyard as well!

Cards Buffed: Ice Wizard

You can be almost certain that those three decks are going to see some big improvements over the month of October. I can’t wait see how the meta adjusts to meet these buffs. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the balance changes in Clash Royale!

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