Clash Royale November Balance Changes: Dart Goblin Buff

New balance changes will be coming to Clash Royale on November 5th, 2018 and we already know that one of those balances will be a dart goblin buff. The full November 2018 balancing update should be announced soon, but right now, all we know is the dart goblin buff!

November Balance Changes

As you all probably know, there was a poll, as with the October 2018 balance changes, on which card should be buffed in the balance changes. The two choices were archers and dart goblin, with the archers going for a 4% HP buff and the dart goblin trying for a 4% damage buff.

Personally, I voted for archers, since dart goblin is already a decent card and should become pretty strong after these November balance changes. Dart goblin ended up winning in a close battle, 52% to 48%, securing a dart goblin buff in the next balance changes.

November Balance Changes Dart Goblin Buff Clash Royale

We also know that this November balancing update will be dropping in Clash Royale on November 5th, thanks to a tweet by the Rum Ham. November 5th is this coming Monday.

This tweet signifies that Clash Royale won’t be making any game changing balances in November, but some powerful cards will be getting toned back and nerfed. It seems like the December 2018 balance changes should be pretty significant in terms of the meta.

I’m definitely excited for this round of balance changes and cannot wait to see what other cards Clash Royale nerfs or buffs. As for the dart goblin buff, I’m not too happy there, but it is what it is. Thanks for reading and comment below what cards you think deserve balances in the November update!

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