New Cards LEAKED in Clash Royale (Electro-Dragon, Wall Breaker)

With the introduction of the September 2018 update into Clash Royale, there has been new cards added in the game files for future updates. When the September 2018 update was datamined, three new cards were found in the game files, which indicates three leaked new cards for future updates! Here’s everything we know about the leaked cards.

New Cards Leaked Clash Royale

New Cards LEAKED

Of the three leaked cards, two come straight out of Clash of Clans. We have game files of the gameplay of the new troops and we will add in some speculation about what abilities each troop might have.

Wall Breaker Leaked

We already have the bomber in Clash Royale, so what in the world could the wall breaker be? My first guess is that the wall-breaker will be kind of like a miniature giant skeleton, making it so that you have to get him to the tower in order for him to drop his bomb.

Now, if I had to guess, seeing that he will probably be a mini-GS, he will probably cost either 2 or 3 elixir. Because the nature of the card seems like it will be a non-dominant card, its rarity is most likely either common or rare. Let’s check out the first gameplay images of the wall breaker!

Wall Breaker Leaked Gameplay Clash Royale

The wall breaker looks almost exactly like the bomber, just that he is carrying a much bigger bomb! I really like the big bomb, as it is clear he can’t throw it, but it will make a big bang when it goes off!

Electro Dragon Leaked

The other Clash of Clans troop that is coming over to Clash Royale is the electro-dragon, which will be the big, big brother of the baby dragon. Based on what the electro-dragon does in Clash of Clans, I would guess that he is going to be able to stun inferno tower/sparkies, and be able to do a ton of damage.

Since it is likely that the electro-dragon will have a ton of power, my guess is that it will cost either 7 or 8 elixir as a pretty large win condition. Because of its unique abilities, I’d be shocked if the electro-dragon was anything besides a legendary card. Here’s some gameplay of the electro-dragon card in Clash Royale.

Electro Dragon Leaked Gameplay Clash Royale

Honestly, I think that the electro-dragon looks kind of small, especially compared to his Clash of Clans gameplay. Still, the blue and white together is a sweet combination and Clash Royale has already stated that flying cards can’t be too large.

Wolf Rider Leaked

The final leaked card from the September 2018 update is the “wolf rider”. Now in the Reddit thread that posted these leaks, the poster said that this name was loosely translated, so it might have another name. Regardless, this sounds and looks like it will be a cheaper version of the hog rider that costs less.

Since it is a cheaper version of the hog rider, my guess is that it will cost 3 elixir. As for rarity, I’m tempted to guess that it would be a rare card, but since the hog and royal hogs are already rare cards, I want to say common. Here’s the leaked gameplay for the wolf rider!

Wolf Rider Leaked Gameplay Clash Royale

The rider looks more like a child than the hog rider, which indicates once again that the wolf rider will be cheaper. The “wolf” still looks like a pig, but maybe it’s more of a piglet or something. Still, a mini-hog rider would be a sweet new cycle win condition!

That’s going to wrap it up for all of the leaked cards that were datamined in the September 2018 update. Of all of them, I’m most excited to see the wolf rider be added to Clash Royale. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of the new cards in Clash Royale!

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10 thoughts on “New Cards LEAKED in Clash Royale (Electro-Dragon, Wall Breaker)

  1. Clash Royale really needs a big update to stay alive. Posting fan art on Twitter and Instagram isn’t going to save them. I love this game, but the monotony of facing the same decks over and over again is driving me crazy. I remember when they would release 4 cards in 4 weeks, and the meta was constantly changing. That is when the game was fun. That’s when there was originality in almost every deck you faced. It was a great time. Not so much anymore.


    • I know, I really hope that they can change it around soon. Last update was a step in the right direction, but hopefully they have something BIG soon!


      • I hope they return to the “four cards, one every week” system they had going. Or they drop an update like when the added the Lava Hound, Sparky, Miner, Fire Spirits, Furnace, etc. Just one massive card release.


      • It’s tough to do that without releasing repetitive or bad card, but I think 1 a month should be doable for them


      • It worked marvelously for a good while, with each card that was implemented being unique in its playstyle and contributions to a deck. Who says Supercell can’t do it again?


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