Reaching Champions League at TH9

This is the third and final installment of the “Reaching Champions League” series. I have already covered TH7 and TH8, and TH9 will be today on how you should get to Champions League. At Town Hall 10, its pretty simple, but at Town Hall 6 it is nearly impossible.

I will be beginning in Gold Two and I will be sharing what strategy to use and what kind of bases to attack. Its imperative that you don’t lose raids since that will set you back a lot. You will have to win a lot of raids afterwards. Getting to Gold Two should be pretty simple, if not don’t bother trying to get to Champs.

Gold Two-Crystal Two: At this point, you are pretty low in the entirety of your push. You shouldn’t be bringing out your best troops yet; later you will be. In this phase, you should be using barch; a combination of barbarians and archers. I would recommend using 120 barbarians and 100 archers., but it is better just to queue your barracks (as seen below).IMG_0349

The best bases to attack are the ones with lots of buildings on the outside you can easily get to with barch. The whole idea is to spread a line of barbarians slowly and then put in a line of archers behind them that takes out. Try to knock out mortars with lightning spells. With barch you will be trying to get a 50% win and earn at least 7 trophies. Click this link to find out more. At TH9, with level 6 barbs and archers and 220 troop space, it should be pretty easy to one star TH8s and the rare TH7. An example of an easy base to take out is below.


Crystal One-Champion: This will be easier completely different than attacking at TH7 or TH8. You will not be mass-dragging, but you will still be sticking to the air. Balloonion is the way to go! However, you should only attempt to balloonion to Champion if you have level 6 balloons. Level 6s are substantially better than level 5; therefore level 5s just won’t make the cut. I prefer using 24 balloons and 40 minions with a dragon in the clan castle, in case you want to clean up some extra percent. Balloonion is meant as a 50% strategy.

The perfect base to attack would be one that has low upgraded air defense (below level 6 is key) and also X-Bows (since most of the people you will be facing will be TH9s or TH10s) pointed at the ground. If it is a TH10, make sure the inferno towers are set on single-target. The air defense should hopefully be towards the inside, remember you are going for the 50% one-star, not a three star victory. Here is a solid base to raid. 2015/01/img_0539.png

The basis of balloonion is to destroy outside archer towers in order to allow for your minions to clean up the outside buildings without being shot. Try to attack someone with at least 27 trophies available so you get 9+. Drop 3 balloons on each archer tower then put one minion on each surrounding building. If you still need a few more buildings destroyed use your heroes and/or reinforcement troops to clean up. Being a TH9, it is much easier to win attacks then TH8 or TH7, but it will still take time.

Other Tips:

-If you see a snipe, don’t hesitate. Take it out quickly.

-Wait for all your troops and spells to finish before raiding; you might need them.

-Do a couple raids at a time. If you only do one, you will lose more than that off losing a defense.

-Be patient; this won’t happen overnight. Take time to find a raid you know you can win.

Good luck to all the Town Hall 9s. If you want more information about anything, just click the blue links. That’s it guys; good luck on your push!

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