Best Trophy Ranges for Farming for TH7-TH11 in Clash of Clans

Knowing the best trophy ranges to farm in for Clash of Clans is one of the most important strategies in the game, regardless of if you are Town Hall 8 or Town Hall 10. So today, I’ll be sharing the best trophy ranges for farming in Clash of Clans, for all Town Halls between 7 and 11!

Clash of Clans Best Trophy Ranges Farming TH7 TH8 TH9 TH10 TH11

So before Town Hall 7, it is really hard to define farming since all the updates are relatively cheap. Also, those guys are just trying to push up as high as they can since resources aren’t as important.

Town Hall 7- Gold 3-2

For Town Hall 7, upgrades are still pretty cheap, with most upgrades costing less than 1 wall at TH9. Gold 2 and 3 will offer you the best availability for collector raids, especially for hitting TH8s. At Town Hall 7, you should be using barch strategy to get all of the loot out of collectors!

Town Hall 8- Gold 1

In my opinion, Town Hall 8 is the pinnacle of farming for all of Clash of Clans. Your troops are high enough level that you can dominate low leveled TH9s, while you can still get a ton of loot on TH7s. Again, you should be using barch as you can pick off TH7s, TH8s, and TH9s in Gold 1. Don’t be afraid to go up to Crystal III to get that DE win bonus.

Town Hall 9- Crystal 2

Right now, I’m Town Hall 9 and loot is absolutely insane for collector raids in Crystal II. Once you hit crystal, you start gaining dark elixir for winning battles, and with heroes getting up to 150k for an upgrade, DE is much needed! Make sure to hit these collector raids with barch and use your heroes to gain the 50% win!

Town Hall 10- Master 3

So for the last three TH levels, I’ve said to use barch as your attack strategy. However, once you hit master for farming as a Town Hall 10, its going to get kind of hard to win using barch. Consider switching to LavaLoonion or giants to not only take out collector villages, but also raid storages for huge loot gains.

Town Hall 11- Champion 3

Last but DEFINITELY not least is Town Hall 11! Once you hit TH11, it is nearly impossible not to go into champs just by winning defenses, but that is good because loot is there! At TH11, barch is basically useless, so personally I’d go for LavaLoonion. You’ll have to do storage raids, but with LavaLoonion you will be getting the win bonus with a 100% certainty. This win bonus is no joke at 200k a piece!

So that does it for our quick guide on farming leagues for all TH levels! I hope that this helped you guys realize where to go in order to get the most loot possible Thanks a ton for reading and comment below what league you are currently in, pushing or farming!

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7 thoughts on “Best Trophy Ranges for Farming for TH7-TH11 in Clash of Clans

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  2. At town hall 6, giant-heal or giant-healer is really effective. At town hall 5, single lightning + max barch is overpowered enough to three star 90% of town hall 5 bases. Just pick a base where at least one splash tower is close to the outside, and use the lightning if necessary to take it down. The entire base needs to be surrounded at the same time, using 3 or more fingers to deploy all the barbs in a line and archers behind.


  3. After the update that took away defensive farming, I started using barch-heal to get to the storages on bases. At town hall 8 I pushed to 2342 trophies with barch and never used clan castle troops. If done correctly and on the right base, you can two star most town hall 8s.


      • Depends on the type of base you get! The thing is, if you get a good collector raid, you can simply get those and don’t use the heal spells, and save them for the next raid! When I barch, I always have heal spells ready, so I am ready for the loot to be in either the collectors or the storages.


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