Clash of Clans 7th Clashiversary Update News

Clash of Clans just turned 7 years old on August 2nd and to celebrate, the CoC team has an awesome update in store for us, with a bunch of new features including a new troop (party wizard), a new hero skin, a new seasonal obstacle, and more. Here’s everything that is coming in the Clash of Clans 7th Clashiversary update!

Clash of Clans 7th Clashiversary Update

7th Clashiversary Update

New Party Wizard Troop

The more significant thing coming in the August update is going to be the party wizard, which is a new troop, sort of like the original wizard. However, the party wizard is going to differ a little bit, being more powerful and having faster movement speed, but also less hit points.

New Party Wizard Troop Clash of Clans

The party wizard should be able to open up some new army compositions, or just be subbed in for the original wizard if you want to use the new troop!

Party Warden Skin

The newest skin for the August season challenges is officially announced and it is going to be the first Grand Warden skin in Clash of Clans. Going along with the party theme, we will be seeing the party warden as the newest skin.

New Party Warden Skin Clash of Clans

I think this skin actually looks pretty awesome. One important thing to note is that for these season challenges, the party warden will be unlocked at tier 1, not the last tier, like skins have been in the past.

New Balloon Seasonal Obstacle

As with every anniversary in Clash of Clans, there is going to be a new seasonal obstacle to go along with it. In this update, it is usually a cake, but for this Clashiversary, there is going to be a balloon!

Balloon Seasonal Obstacle Clash of Clans Update

I think the balloon is such a unique obstacle and it going to look super cool once you get a couple. It also gives off extra elixir if you want to remove any balloons.

Other Updates

There are a few other updates coming, including the two following things.

  • 1 gem resource boost for an entire week
  • New anniversary offers

That’s all that we know right now for the Clash of Clans 7th Clashiversary update. This update is a small, but fun way to celebrate Clash of Clans turning 7! Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the update!

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