Fake Update List for Feburary 2015 Update

You might remember a post like this in December about that update. It turns out that one was actually completely legit. However, this fake one is completely and utterly FAKE. Check out the update list below:

Fake Update List 2-15

Now there are some clear things here that show that this list isn’t actually real.

War Changes- Never in a million years would Supercell change stars to percents and not Town Hall. The TH creates new strategies.

The Waterfall- Mostly likely we will never see the waterfall again. Supercell already announced it took up too much data and it wouldn’t be coming back.

Spelling and Grammar- If you read over the list slowly, you will quickly realize that there are words in there that Supercell would never use such as “Yay!”

Well guys, based off the fake update lists coming out, we can start to assume that the update sneak-peeks will be coming out soon! My guess is that on Monday we will see the first one. Bye for now!

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