Attack Strategies: B.A.M.

Town Hall to Use In: 7-10

Trophy Range to Use In: 800-2600

B.A.M., standing for Barbarians, Archers, and Minions, is an extremely popular farming strategy used to take out full collectors. It is a step further than barch, using minions to ensure the loot and the win. While mostly, used for farming, B.A.M. is also used to push although only to master due to relativiley weak troops. We will be focusing on the farming aspect.

200 troop space: 90 barbarians, 70 archers, 20 minions, spells optional

220 troop space: 100 barbarians, 80 archers, 20 minions, spells optional

240 troop space: 100 barbarians, 80 archers, 30 minions, spells optional

Step One: First of, you want to find a solid base to raid. These are the ones with 400k all the collectors. You can tell if they are  abandoned by the gold in the collector area. Drop your barbarians in a semi-circle around the full collectors , but save around 40-50 barbs for the end of the raid. These barbarians will act as a meat-shield.


Step Two: Next step- do the exact same thing with your archers. Spread them in a semi-circle behind the barbarians and let them snipe the loot. The barbarians will take all the hits while your archers are untouched. Once again, save 40 or so archers for the end of the raid.


Step Three: This is where the minions come into play. With the wizard towers and archer towers shooting the barbs and archers, the only thing left to shoot down your minion is the air defense. Drop all your minions right on those collectors, draining down the last few drops. Minions will make sure that you raid for all the loot stored in the collectors.


Step Four: You’ve stolen all the loot in the collectors, but you are currently sitting at around 30%. This is where the extra troops stored in the beginning of the raid are used. Drop them around outside buildings, picking off enough of them to reach 50%. Use all your troops on the loot however if:

1. The loot is much harder to get to, inside a layer of walls (this is when you will be glad you have minions)

2. The Town Hall is easily snipable and you will get the easy win anyway


Step Five: Celebrate! You have just earn yourself 400k+ resources to upgrade whatever you want. Train all your troops again and repeat your great raid!


I hope you guys enjoyed this guide. B.A.M. is a very effective strategy. Use it well!

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