Maxed TH8s- The Ultimate War Members

Maxed TH8s are about the closest thing you can have to amazing in a war matchup. They bring down the other clan since they don’t have X-Bows or Infernos but they still have access to some top strategies.

The exact reason Town Hall 8s are so good is because they can use a number of different strategies to achieve complete annihilation. The three most popular strategies can be used to three star fellow Town Hall 8s and get the two star on higher Town Hall 9s. I will be explaining these strategies and what troops to have in the clan castles as well. The top three (in order) are.

1. Hogs

-32 Hog Riders, 6 Wizards, 16 Archers

-3 Heal Spells

-20 Archers in the Clan Castle

The Rundown:Β  First step is luring the CC. Do this by placing 3 hogs in by the CC. From there, a standard lure. Drop your hogs in two points, holding down until they are all deployed. Drop your heal spells whenever a big group runs into a giant bomb or gets low on health. After the hogs have cleared the defenses, drop the rest of your wizards and archers and your Barb King with them.


2. Mass Dragons

-10 Dragons

-3 Rage Spells

-1 Dragon in the Clan Castle

The Rundown: No luring needed here. Drop your drags in a line between two air defense. Once the air defense starts shooting them drop a rage spell. Rage again when they are at the Town Hall. The other rage spell is for when there are a big group together. Simple strategy, just make sure your drags don’t go around the outside of the base!


3. GoWiPe

-2 Golems, 2 P.E.K.K.A.s, 15 Wizards, 3 Hog Riders, 7 Wall Breakers, 1 Archer

-2 Rage Spells, 1 Heal Spell

-2 Wizards, 12 Archers in the Clan Castle

The Rundown: First off, lure the CC by dropping your hogs. Then, use your lone archer and your Clan Castle troops to complete the lure. Next, place your golems together, but far apart (meaning they are targeting different defenses). Next drop in your wall breakers behind the golems. Rage em up! Then, place your wizards in a steady line behind the golems clearing out surrounding structures. Once those buildings are cleared and there is a path to the Town Hall, drop your P.E.K.K.A.s and Barb King. Place your rage spell and heal spell once the units get close to the TH.


Well, there you have it. The top attack strategies for Town Hall 8s in war. They can be truly spectacular game changers! Look for the first sneak peek tomorrow! Clash on!

15 thoughts on “Maxed TH8s- The Ultimate War Members

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  3. Hey, I’m seth from Reddit Dark and I wanted to share a few strategies that our th8’s use to 3 star in our wars. We have 2 main dragon strategies we use: 105 Drag and the 813 Drag. The 105 is 10 dragons: 5 loons in the cc, therefore 10 5, or 105. Same applies to the 813 drag. 8 dragons: 8 loons+the 5 cc loons. With these strategies, the spells used are 2 rage and 1 heal.
    The 105 drag is used for bases with very close and centralized air defense. You put down the dragons so they work their way towards the center, when the cc comes into play, drop a rage and heal to speed them up. You drop your loons when the air defense lock on to the dragons, and rage them to get into the core.
    The 813 drag is used for bases with more spread out air defense. Same dragon and cc kill as the 105, but you spread your loons so they target different air defense.
    Another popular strategy is Mass hogs using the Asian wall of hogs deployment. This deployment is where you place your hogs by dragging your finger back and forth so the hogs lock onto different defenses and take different paths, in roughly 2-3 groups. This way a double giant bomb can’t wipe out all your hogs at once.


  4. Hi dudes, Neen here from ‘So it begins..’
    It was a bit of a strange one to stumble across this post.
    Good war when we met last, hopefully we’ll meet again at some point – all of the best for future events D:


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