Clash of Clans October Update: New Clan and War Changes

The sneak peek today is all about clan and war updates that will be coming in the Clash of Clans October 2017 update. There aren’t any massive features in this sneak peek, but it is a good visual one nonetheless. Here are all the clan and war changes we will be seeing the Clash of Clans October update!

Clan Improvements Sneak Peek Clash of Clans October 2017 Update

New Clan Features:

  • New Friendly War sizes: 35v35 and 45v45
  • Spectator slots for Clan Wars increased from 20 to 30 + your friends have 10 extra slots for viewing via your Friends List.
  • Get notified when a War Attack is occurring even if you are in Replay mode.
  • You can now set a Builder Base trophy requirement in your Clan Settings

New Clan Visuals:

Clan Badge
The Clan Badge has been redesigned functionally and visually. With the new Clan Badges, Clans will no longer be able to customize the border of the badge. Your Clan’s XP level will display a predetermined border graphic.

New Badge vs Old Badge

Clan Path

Donated troops will now march to War and battles unknown via the new Clan Path. Donated troops will now move through this passage through the woods (and not off to some distant land of no return).

New Path vs Old Path

Social Improvements:

Clan Suggestions

  • Clan Suggestions – The Clan Search feature has been given an upgrade. Searching for a new Clan to call home? The new Clan Suggestion function will prioritize Clans by activity, including parameters like Clan War activity, active donations, and more.
  • Want to find a Clan that is more competitive or more casual? The Clan Suggestions will be visible even if you are already in a Clan. It will even show your Friends’ Clans in the Suggestions and will denote them with a highlighted icon.

Clan Chat

  • The Clan Chat tab will now show how many Clanmates are currently online.

Friends List

  • The Friends List will denote which Friends are currently online.
  • You can also spectate attacks your friends make via the Friends List.

So those are all of the changes that we will be seeing for clans and war in the Clash of Clans October update! I am really excited for this sneak peek; I think they have some great changes in the works here. Thanks for reading and comment what you think is the best change in this sneak peek!

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