Clan Bookmarks in April 2015 Update Sneak Peek

1st Sneak Peek for May Update 2015: Clan Bookmarks!

Yes, the first sneak peek is out! This sneak peek is “Clan Bookmarks”. This isn’t a huge change but it will allow for it to be much easier to stalk other clans! Here’s a picture of what it will look like:

May 2015 Update Sneak Peek Clan Bookmarks

So, if you notice at the top right corner that’s how you add bookmarks. Click that blue ribbon with a plus and the clan will be stored to your bookmarks. Then on the tab screen, there is a option titled “Bookmarks”. This is where you can see all the clans you have bookmarked. Personally, I think Clan Bookmarks will be really useful.

Forum Exclusive:

As with every sneak-peek there also comes a Forum Exclusive sneak peek with it. In this case, it applies to the clan settings. You can now see who changed your clan settings.

Now, this isn’t exactly a game changing update, but it will be quite easier to find your favorite clans. Make sure to check back here tomorrow to see  the next sneak peek for the May Update 2015!

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