What League to Farm in for Each Town Hall Level

Which league to farm in for Clash of Clans is extremely important, but it differs from Town Hall to Town Hall. Today, Ill be teaching you what league to farm in for each Town Hall in Clash of Clans! Lets go ahead and get into it!

Clash of Clans League to Farm in Town Hall

Town Hall 1: Doesn’t really matter, just try to gain as many trophies as possible.

Town Hall 2: Again, isn’t very important; you just want to keep progressing in Clash of Clans.

Town Hall 3: Bronze II-III. Once you hit TH3, it is possible to “farm” but you should stay low and attack TH3 and below for all of their loot. It is pretty easy to fill your storages.

Town Hall 4: Bronze I-II. As you start becoming better at Clash of Clans, you’ll need to start moving up in trophy count to actually be able to fill your storages. Upper bronze is the best place to do this for TH4.

Town Hall 5: Silver III. Once again, as you begin to ready get good in the game, you need to keep moving up to find better loot offers. Silver III is a good place to be at TH5 to get some nice storage raids.

Town Hall 6: Silver I-II. This is when farming actually can begin. Once you hit TH6, it will become a lot more difficult to upgrade your buildings, so you need to attack multiple times in order to upgrade a single defense. Silver I will definitely get it done for you as there are many TH6s and 7s chilling up here.

Town Hall 7: Gold II-III. As a Town Hall 7, you need to start getting DE, as well as gold and elixir. While crystal has the DE win bonus, low gold will help you a lot to find fellow TH7s with both full storages and collectors.

Town Hall 8: Crystal III-Gold I. 500k a wall. That is the price to completely max out TH8! You need to start getting bigger win bonuses as well as finding some collector raids. Storage raids don’t really cut it anymore as you need that big loot from abandoned bases. Town Hall 8 is pricey!

Town Hall 9: Crystal I-Crystal II. The loot for Town Hall 9 in crystal II is just absolutely amazing. My main account is an almost completely maxed out TH9, and the amount of inactive bases in these leagues is off the charts. A quick barch raid and you have easily gained 600-800k with a very cheap army.

Town Hall 10: Master III. Unfortunately, once you hit TH10, it gets pretty tough to keep barching bases. You’ll probably need to turn to giant attacks and target storages instead of collectors. You are going to need people even higher in trophies, which means getting up into master for a pretty nice win bonus.

Town Hall 11: Champion III-Master I. The final stretch to find loot! Once you are Town Hall 11, stuff is so expensive, you’ll need to grind hard in order to pay for upgrades. You’ve got to climb pretty high up to get some nice and full storages along with a great win bonus in order to keep pulling in that cash.

Clash of Clans Loot Resources

That’s all we got for what league you should farm in based off Town Hall level! Thanks for reading and I will see you guys soon with more Clash of Clans content!

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4 thoughts on “What League to Farm in for Each Town Hall Level

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  2. Lol I recently switched to my troll base, and I got literally a hundred trophies on the first day, without resetting my traps.


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