Clash of Clans Heroes in War While Upgrading!

Hey Clashers! Today, I bring a very good update up for Clash of Clans: having your upgrading heroes available during Clan Wars. This needs to be in the next Clash update and I’ll give you some reasons why!

1- Nearly EVERY player wants this update

This is one of the most requested updates for Clash of Clans. Most of the players currently would like their heroes to be available during war attacks. Also, it makes sense: when you are upgrading your P.E.K.K.A.s another level, you can still use them in war attacks. Another good point is that if your heroes are available on your defense, then they should be available on offense as well.

For example, estorm has his queen in his defensive war base, but when we check his real time village; his queen is upgrading! So why can he have his queen in his defense, but not offense?

Clash of Clans Upgrading Heroes in War 2015

Clash of Clans Upgrading Heroes in War 2015

2- Lets you show your true skill

In high level TH9 and TH10 attacks, players depend on their heroes in order to secure the 3 star. Without their heroes, they have to go for the 2 star instead of the 3. Without your heroes for your attack, you can’t see the true skill level of an attacks. When you don’t have your heroes, you can no longer

  • GoHo
  • Cold Blood, Shattered, or Stoned LavaLoon
  • GoWiPe (to an extent)

These strategies strongly depend on heroes to secure the 3 star. GoWiPe you can still use without your heroes but you have no chance of three starring, and even the two star becomes difficult. So if we can ever use our heroes during war; every strategy can be used to its full extent.

Clash of Clans Clan War 2015

3- War clans

War clans are the ones who are most complaining about not having heroes in war while they are upgrading. The problem that war clans are having deals with the opt-out button. In most high level, strict war clans, if one of our heroes is upgrading, its expected that you opt out of the war during the upgrade time. So this creates small wars (15 v 15, 20 v 20) since so many people have them upgrading.

Therefore, war clans are getting as much XP as they could and they are becoming upset since they can’t level up as fast as they could because so many players are opting out!

Clash of Clans Upgrading Queen 2015

So those are the reasons I believe that heroes should be available during wars. If you can think of another reason, make sure to comment it below! Also be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube:



2 thoughts on “Clash of Clans Heroes in War While Upgrading!

  1. Upgrading heros available in war is not happening because heros upgrading are a variable in matchmaking outside of the current point system. This allows for mismatched opponents to achieve successful results. ie a clan that should lose because of matchup, might win becasue the other clan is 1 hero down on a lot of attacks. I disagree with supercell’s choice here and agree with ya’ll and pretty much everybody else that we should have both heros in war. But right now, matchmaking isn’t perfect and supercell knows it. Until they can create even match ups more often, we won’t be seeing upgrading heros available in clan war. As it stands to supercell, war is a method of obtaining loot not showing trophy skill. I think there are some insane war attacks but if you’re truly badass then just push trophies.


  2. That makes a lot of sense! I think a new hero would be awesome I don’t usually use goblins but if A leprechaun were available to boost them that would make their use very attractive. Maybe the boost would allow the goblins to dig in up trees and shrubs give gems 1 to 5 at the most.


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