Clash of Clans October 2016 Update Features

The Clash of Clans October 2016 update is now live in Clash of Clans, with the bomb tower, quick train, huge nerfs, and friendly wars! It is an awesome update, so make sure to log on and get some new upgrades done!

Clash of Clans October 2016 Update Live

Clash of Clans October 2016 Update Release Notes

New Content & Balancing:

  • Introducing the Bomb Tower at Town Hall 8!
  • New troop levels: Dragon, Baby Dragon, Wizard
  • New defense Levels: X-Bow, Mortar, Hidden Tesla
  • 25 more wall pieces to Town Hall 11
  • Lots of upgrade costs and times reduced
  • Rebalancing, including Witch and Skeleton Spell buffs
  • Clan Wars loot and Clan XP rules revisited
  • Continued balancing changes to Clan Wars matchmaking

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Army Training Revamp & Quick Train:

We’ve rethought army training into a streamlined experience that lets you train two full armies with two simple taps!

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Friendly Wars:

Challenge other Clans to friendly Clan War face-offs. Friendly wars can be as short as one hour and as small as 5v5!

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Clash Friends & Friendly Challenge Updates:

  • Clash Friends: Add friends in Clash via player profiles
  • Search Players by player tag (check the player profile menu)
  • Moving decorations no longer puts a layout on Friendly Challenge cooldown
  • Heroes now defend in Friendly Challenge attacks even when under upgrade

So this update was one of the best in recent memory as of October, but we will have to see how the bomb tower actually changes up the game, either for the better or for the worse. Also, the witch and hog buff could completely change the meta in Clash of Clans right now, and those two troops could possibly become OP. So far I am loving it and I hope that you guys are too! Ill be back tomorrow with some new update content!

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