Top 10 Additions to Clash of Clans in 2014

After a solid year of Clash of Clans, its time to look back over what the absolute best updates Supercell added to the game. There were many great and needed changes, but what shine above and beyond? I’ll be counting down the top 10 in my opinion.

10) Co-leader Role:

The co-leader role was needed throughout the entire clan system. Elders were too powerful and needed to be weaker. Therefore, Supercell put in a “mini leader” in a sense, someone to run the clan while the leader is away. The “cos” can kick elders and promote members to elders and co-leader.


9) Dismiss Troops from CC and Camps:

Ever have someone join your clan and donate you goblins? Supercell fixed that by adding the ability to get rid of troops that you did not want in your clan castle. Later, they added this to army camps, just in case you trained too many of one troops or needed room to train donation troops.

Dismiss Troops

8) Improved Jump Spell:

Before this update was released, the jump spell used to just be placed and if a troop happened to be in its radius, it would jump the wall. Now, the jump spell acts as a beacon, summoning troops towards it to jump. It changed how the game was played, with many higher level players now choosing a jump spell as their primary spell.

Jump Spell

7) Wall Upgrades with Elixir:

In the first update released, level 6+ walls could be upgraded with elixir. But then, recently, Supercell changed it, so now level 8+ walls are able to be upgraded with elixir. This helps the higher level players who have leftover elixir after completely maxing, so they can now concentrate it on walls.

Wall Upgrading Improved

6) Skeleton Trap:

The skeleton trap became a serious issue quickly. It acts kind of like a Clan Castle; when opposing troops come too close, skeletons (set at ground or air) pop out and act as reinforcement troops. They completely changed GoWiWi and Balloonion strategies since you had another lure to worry about.

Skeleton Trap

5) Level 7 Troops:

In September, Clash of Clans was blessed with the addition of level 7 barch; that is to say level 7 barbarians and archers. Later, in December, level 7 giants were announced. These level 7 troops are meant to bring back classic combinations with the basic troops. Expect goblins and wall breakers to follow.


4) Village Edit Mode:
A long waited feature of the game finally came out! Most clashers were sick of having to constantly having to switch bases everytime they decided to go from farming to pushing or vice-versa. With this update, you can now saved multiple layouts, for your home village and your war base.


3) Lava Hound:

The lava hound was the newest troop added to the game: it is unlocked with the level 6 dark barrack upgrade. TH9s were pleased since it can be unlocked at their Town Hall. The lava hound acts as a air golem and heads straight for air defense. This empowered balloonion to become LaLoonion with the hound distracting the air defense.

Lava Hound

2) Hero Abilities:

Hero Abilities completely changed the game at the higher levels. The Barbarian King now has an “Iron Fist”, essentially a rage spell and the Archer Queen has a “Royal Cloak”; she goes invisible. This brought heroes to a new height and made them become an essential part of a raid.

Iron Fist Ability

1) Clan Wars:

Introducinnnngg Clannnn Warsss! Everyone was super stoked about this one! The game “Clash of Clans” didn’t even have the feature its name implied, Clan versus clan! Now you can declare war on another clan and attack for stars. Whichever clan finishes with more stars win the war and the loot that comes with it.

Clan vs Clan

2014 was an outstanding year for the game. 2015 should hold many new features. Town Hall 11 and other huge add-ons should be updated in this year. Thanks for a great year, and many more to come!


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