Clash of Clans February 2017 Update Info

The Clash of Clans February 2016 update is drawing closer and I have some update information for you today. These are just some small little things about what we might be seeing in this new update and how you can impact the update! Sit back and enjoy and hopefully we can have even more February update news soon!

Clash of Clans February 2017 Update

New Events for February 2017

First up, on the Supercell forums, Anousha, one of the moderators announced that the Clash of Clans team is looking to do more with events than just single troop and spell events repeated.

Clash of Clans February Update Events Leaked

This is great as we should be seeing some new events centered around army compositions or other neat ideas that the Clash of Clans developer team comes up with! So based on this reply on forums, I think that we can hope to see a revamp for events with some cool things coming for February of 2017.

Clash of Clans Developer Q&A

Also on forums (and also reddit), there is a developer Q&A for the makers of Clash of Clans. Basically, you can vote on what questions you want to ask the dev team and they will answer them sometime within the next week or so.

Clash of Clans February Update Developer Q&A

Go ahead and vote on the questions that you most want answered. Personally, I voted for them to answer the ones concerning additions to the game, but you are free to choose whatever. I hope that they can give us some insight on the future of Clash of Clans and what updates might be ahead for the game. Here is the link for the poll.

So this was just a quick overview of the beginning of the February update for Clash of Clans. Once it actually becomes February, we should be seeing a lot more action with some sneak peeks starting up for both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Check back soon to stay up to date with Clash of Clans news!

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