New Arena LEAKED in Clash Royale for February Update

A new arena has been leaked in Clash Royale, presumably for the January/February 2019 update that should be dropping within a few weeks. Clash Royale tweeted out a glimpse at this new arena, which looks a bit like Town Hall 12 in Clash of Clans.

New Arena Leaked

Here’s the picture that Clash Royale tweeted this morning, with a building that isn’t shown in any of the existing arenas currently.

New Arena Clash Royale Update

Now this image isn’t from a new arena, but rather from the gigantic clan war map that features part of all the arenas. Here is where the new building would be inserted in on the current clan war map.

New Arena Leaked Clash Royale Update

So why does this building being on the clan war map mean a new arena is coming? Well, parts of EVERY arena appear on the clan war map, so this new building almost has to be a part of a new arena.

It seems almost like a wizard hideout, so this new arena could possibly be wizard themed. At the very least, it does seem to be at least somewhat of a magic house, so we should be getting a few magic related cards with the new arena.

This is the first real content we’ve seen that should be coming in the January/February 2019 update. I have no idea what trophy range they would put a new arena, but we will have to wait and see. Thanks fo reading and comment below your ideas about this new arena!

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