TH9 Three Star Attacking Guide for LavaLoonion

LavaLoonion has quickly become the number 1 attack strategy for all Town Halls 9-11. However, today, we will be focusing in on how to three star with LavaLoonion at Town Hall 9 and the strategy around the perfect LavaLoonion attack.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 LavaLoonion Strategy Guide

LavaLoonion Army Composition

LavaLoonion is a very fluid composition, which means that the number of balloons and minions can vary in a very wide range of units. I have seen 3 star attacks be pulled off with as little as 12 balloons or as many as 28. However, it is generally agreed upon that you should be using 4 lava hounds at Town Hall 9.

Spells are also debated a lot, but usually rage and haste spells work the best with LavaLoonion. Don’t be afraid to throw a freeze or heal spell in your composition though. So without further ado, here is my favorite LavaLoonion TH9 army composition!

Clash of Clans TH9 LavaLoonion Army Composition

This composition features 17 loons, which is more than enough to take out all defenses within the base. Since you are somewhat on the low side of the balloons, you have 20 minions which is more than enough to clean up a base. You have a hog rider to lure the CC and 3 lava hounds, with one coming in the clan castle.

Luring the Clan Castle

The first step to basically any strategy in war is to lure out the clan castle troops so that they can’t kill the real damage dealers in your composition. For this, you can use a hog rider and have it target the defense closest to the clan castle troops.

Clash of Clans TH9 LavaLoonion Clan Castle

Even if the hog doesn’t stay alive long enough to lure all the clan castle troops out, you still have a poison spell in your CC to kill the rest of them!

After the troops come out of the castle, draw them out in the corner with one of your heroes, depending on what troops are in the CC. If there is any air troops whatsoever, use your queen to kill them. However, if they are all ground troops, the king is less valuable and should be used to take them out.

Clash of Clans TH9 LavaLoonion Clan Castle

Once you clear the base of clan castle troops, you are free to begin the meat of your attack!

Lava Hounds In

Obviously with the strategy name “LavaLoonion”, your lava hounds are extremely important to the success of the war attack. Since you have 4 hounds, you can put 2 on each air defense, basically ensuring that all will eventually go down, spawning lava pups!

Despite having 2 hounds heading towards each air defense, you don’t want to place each lava hound together. Instead, place the hounds at different angles to fly towards the AD; that way an air bomb or seeking air mine will only injure one hound, not both!

Clash of Clans TH9 LavaLoonion Lava Hounds

Make sure that the hounds are still heading towards the same air defense, despite that they are placed in different positions. Repeat this process with the other air defense from the side you are planning on playing your balloons on.

Clash of Clans TH9 LavaLoonion Lava Hounds

Row of Balloons

Once you do get the air defenses distracted by the lava hounds, it’s time to play your balloons! Of course, you can go with the precision balloon strategy, but today we are focusing on a broad, one attack LavaLoonion strategy for Clash of Clans. The best way to dominate an opposing war base is to play your balloons in a wave, line, row, whatever term you want to call it!

Clash of Clans TH9 LavaLoonion Balloons

The loons will split up between the defenses, but a long row of the balloons will make sure that multiple balloons aren’t taken out by the same air bomb, as well as drawing out any air bombs for your clean up minions.

Spell Timing and Placement

With all of those balloons heading in to the core of the base and the main defenses, you need some spells to back them up. Like I said before, personally i prefer haste and rage which give a huge speed/damage increase to the loons. As the balloons head in, try to time your spells so that your loons will catch the front end of the haste and be propelled into the base to quickly reach the front line of defenses.

Clash of Clans TH9 LavaLoonion Spells

Once they do reach and destroy the outer layer of point defenses, send in your rage spells on the clumps of balloons that have surely formed. Make sure to predict where the balloons will be with your spells, not where they already are. You want maximum value and time for your spells in order to get the three star for your clan in war!

If you do have a freeze spell in your reserves, when the balloons reach the core, you should be prepared to plant it. Ideally, you would want to play it over any teslas, x-bows, or air defenses still left, pausing them as your balloons sweep over them.

Clash of Clans TH9 LavaLoonion Spells

Time for Some Clean Up

Hopefully your balloons are able to get through the core of defenses quickly and start cleaning up some of the last point defenses. At this point it is time to send in your backup minions to “clean up” the buildings that the balloons missed. Be sure to do this quickly, as time can quickly become a factor in a LavaLoonion raid. Play your minion where there is a lot of resource and army buildings left, where no defenses can target them.

Clash of Clans TH9 LavaLoonion Minions

You should also have a hero left at this point; whichever one you didn’t use to take care of the clan castle troops. For this instance, the barbarian king is still left, so he should be placed to clear buildings as well.

Clash of Clans TH9 LavaLoonion Heroes

Once you place down all your clean up troops that basically concludes the raid. The only thing left is to sit and wait for the three star to roll in!

Thanks a ton for reading about the Town Hall 9 LavaLoonion guide. I hope that this can help all of your TH9s to three star much better in war. Come back soon for more Clash of Clans strategy guides!

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      • Well, if I am farming then I do not bring spells. However, barch heal is actually a very op attack for it’s cost and training speed if used right. I can two star most town hall 8s with it, sometimes even three star. I was able to push to 2342 as a medium level town hall 8 with no clan castle troops with barch heal.


      • My trophy record is exactly 2600. When I got to master, I was doing ok, and I probably could have pushed to 3000 or above, except I was in China, so when it was day for me, it was night for all my clanmates. I couldn’t get clan castle troops. I couldn’t even use my google account to switch my google play to another account. Also, I didn’t have too much time to play.


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