Rocket Tips, Guide, and Strategy for Clash Royale

Rocket is one of the most underestimated cards in Clash Royale, but it is also one of the best cards if you can use it correctly. I’ll be going over some rocket tips and strategy in today’s Clash Royale article!

Clash Royale Rocket Strategy Guide Tips

Rocket Overview

Here are some critical facts for the rocket that you must know if you want to succeed with this card!

  • The rocket costs 6 elixir
  • One of the two rare spells (fireball is the other)
  • At tournament level, the rocket deals 1,232 damage with 493 to arena towers
  • Smallest radius in Clash Royale at 2 tiles
  • Does the most damage out of any spell

So based off all of those facts, you can probably figure why the rocket is so popular… it does INSANE damage! At tournament level, you only need 6 rockets to completely take down an arena tower. However, the rocket is costly and can lead you into trouble if you don’t use it correctly. Not to worry though, we will be walking through rocket strategy!

Rocket as a Troop Counter

The rocket is the hardest spell in Clash Royale for timing, but if you can get the timing down (which just comes from a lot of practice), then the rocket is a great counter to high elixir troops in Clash Royale. You can get a good elixir trade without even touching your opponents tower, so it is worth it to use your rocket here. Right now, elite barbarians are extremely popular and the rocket is a solid, dependable counter to them as long as you can time it right.

Rocket Countering Elite Barbarians Clash Royale

Along with elite barbarians, sparky can also get taken completely off the map by a rocket. Of course, there are cheaper, easier ways to counter sparky but if is near the tower, send a rocket over!

Another great troop take out by the rocket is the three musketeers. Since the 3Ms cost 9 elixir, the rocket offers a 3 elixir positive value, which is even better if you can manage to hit their arena tower as well!

Rocket Countering Three Musketeers Clash Royale

So that section was just about counter troops straight up and getting a positive elixir trade out of it.

Rocket Gameplay with Tower

So that section was just about counter troops straight up and getting a positive elixir trade out of it. However, the main use of the rocket is dealing a double punch that I referenced a few times. If your opponent plays a troop behind the king’s tower, be ready with your rocket. The troop will walk right by the arena tower so you can blast it away along with dealing tons of damage to that arena tower!

The best troops to hit with the tower are medium-HP troops that don’t move fast. This will give you a good trade, along with not making it too difficult to hit the troop. Here the musketeer being taken down!

Rocket Counter Musketeer Clash Royale

Another great unit to take out is the witch. She is 5 elixir and will give you an even better trade than the musketeer will.

Rocket Counter Witch Clash Royale

Rocket Offensive Strategy

As I mentioned earlier, you only need to fire the rocket 6 times to completely take down an arena tower. A very viable strategy right now is defense, with the rocket providing offensive firepower to chip down your opponent’s tower.

You want to defend any push your opponent throws at you, usually with the inferno tower or furnace along with some of the best defensive units like the skeleton army and musketeer. At every opportunity you get, throw a rocket at your opponents tower, hopefully bringing down a troop as well as hurting the tower. This is a hard strategy to learn and use successfully, but as with all part of the rocket, practice makes perfect!

Rocket Final Takedown

So one of the great parts of having the rocket in your deck is being able to take out low HP towers. If you have 400 HP left on your opponents tower and can’t reach it at all, the rocket is your best friend, easily being able to clean up the damage you’ve already done!

Clash Royale Rocket Strategy Gameplay

This can easily seal the deal for your game just by having this one 6 elixir spell in your deck. Many a game have been ended by that final rocket.

Smart Rocket Strategy

When using the rocket, there are several dos and don’ts. These are extremely important if you want to win at rocket strategy. Let’s run through some of these to help you guys understand more about smart rocket strategy.


  • Rocket the tower when an enemy troop is walking past it
  • Rocket behind a tank to take out scary enemy units
  • Rocket to finish off the tower
  • Rocket down any buildings as long as you can hit tower too


  • Rocket when you are low on elixir
  • Rocket when you don’t have many defensive options
  • Rocket tower with nothing around or rocket troops for a negative elixir trade
  • Rocket only a building

That’s all today on this rocket strategy guide! Rocket truly is a great card and is often very underrated. I hope that you guys learned a lot from this guide and can use this card to its full effectiveness now! Thanks a ton for reading and comment below what your favorite spell is.

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15 thoughts on “Rocket Tips, Guide, and Strategy for Clash Royale

  1. You completely forgot the biggest use of rocket which is to take out pumps. In fact, you actually said not to take out individual buildings


    • You’re right, that’s a BIG part to rocket use. I actually did say that you should use it against buildings, just as long as you hit the tower along with. Using a rocket to take out any building besides the elixir collector is a massive negative elixir trade.


  2. Using the rocket is difficult, and due to it’s slow speed and small radius, my friend suggested that a tornado can be used occasionally to pull a lot of troops together for them to all be taken out at once by a single rocket. I tried it out and it makes rocketing much easier.
    Of course, you do not have to use a tornado every time, but it can help occasionally, and the tornado is also an excellent card on it’s own. You should make a post about the tornado as well, though, since it is also not easy to use.


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