Clash Royale How to Counter and Beat Sparky

How to counter and how to beat sparky is often asked in Clash Royale community, so today I will be going over the best 5 ways to counter sparky and start a small counter push! All of these will work perfectly, so use whichever one you feel will be the best one for you based on levels of cards! Lets go ahead and get into the first option-

Zap+Guards Sparky Counter

Zap is easily the most effective way to beat sparky, but this is the only counter I will be showing because I want to have a broad range of counters. For this one, you zap sparky as soon as your tower is in range of shooting it, and then surround the legendary with your guards, which will easily take it out!

Clash Royale Counter Sparky Zap

Clash Royale Counter Sparky Guards

Minion Horde Sparky Counter

The minion horde is so effective for beating sparky because sparky can’t shoot air units. Because the minion horde has such a high DPS, it is able to easily take out sparky before it can get to the tower.

Clash Royale Counter Sparky Minion Horde

Rocket Sparky Counter

The rocket is a great counter, but it is rarely used because the rocket can’t be used for much more. However, if your opponent places sparky in the back of his side, then the rocket is able to easily take out sparky, along with do some major damage to your opponents tower, if you can time it right.

Clash Royale Counter Sparky Rocket

Freeze+Goblins Sparky Counter

Along with the zap, the freeze spell also resets sparky along with it not allowing sparky to do anything for a few seconds. In fact, the freeze is so long that your tower can almost take out sparky by itself. However, you need to place some goblins in there as well to finish the job before sparky gets off a shot.

Clash Royale Counter Sparky Freeze

Clash Royale Counter Sparky Goblins

Skeletons+Mini P.E.K.K.A. Sparky Counter

The popular strategy before the zap became popular and reset sparky was to send a weak unit to soak up sparky’s charge and then have your tower and your unit take out the tower. This countering strategy still works, and even is able to beat sparky for less elixir for what the zap does!

Clash Royale Counter Sparky Skeletons

Clash Royale Counter Sparky Mini Pekka

So with 5 great methods, you can easily counter sparky with a whole range of strategies. Pick out your favorite and then use it effectively to make sparky a danger no longer! Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash Royale content!

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