Night Witch Released in Clash Royale SOON!

The night witch is finally about to be released in Clash Royale after almost 2 months of waiting. It has been way too long of a wait for the newest legendary card and it is nice to finally know that the night witch will be here in 14 days! This is a bit of a recap on the night witch since it has been so long since she was announced.

Clash Royale Night Witch New Legendary

Night Witch Details

Here’s a quick video that will give you some good introductory information on the night witch as well as give you some nice strategy if you are lucky enough to snag one of these out of a chest!

So the night witch is going to be the newest legendary card added to Clash Royale. It will like be the dark prince to the prince, costing 4 elixir versus 5. The night witch summons bats instead of skeletons, which aren’t even in Clash Royale yet. The last big difference from the regular witch is that the night witch will be a single target unit, instead of multi-target like the witch is.

So that is just a quick recap on the night witch. Hopefully, there will be a night witch special event where we can win a night witch! It looks like a super good card, especially when fronted by a golem or giant. It’s nice to see that Clash Royale is finally getting these new cards out, but only time will tell for how good this night witch will be. Thanks for reading and comment down below your opinion on the newest legendary in Clash Royale!

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47 thoughts on “Night Witch Released in Clash Royale SOON!

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  4. Few Tips on draft challenge:
    1. Always choose executioner over anything as it will kill the night witch and bats for only 1 negative elixir trade, and start a counterattack, top priority
    2. pick lightning over anything except for executioner, it’s also a great counter to night witch hiding behind tanks, but more negative elixir trade alert, still a great trade with hitting others too! 2nd top priority
    3. Give them any legendary card but night witch, especially it will really shine behind tanks, 3rd top priority
    4. Never choose inferno dragon, unless it’s between him and sparky or clone or bomb tower or else inferno will have a hard time.
    5. Since night Witch can be overwhelmed, using skeleton army will not be a bad idea


  5. Night witch draft challenge is coming, I’d spam the angry emote if my opponent gave me lumberjack and took night witch, not because lumberjack is bad, he’s awesome, but night witch is more special, maybe stronger and more attractive than lumberjack, both high damage dealers


      • Basically I will rage if he gave me any legendary and take away night witch unless it’s the miner or graveyard as they’re the most versatile legendaries, I will have rage 2 times more if he gave me bandit or inferno dragon as they’re tied as the 2nd worst legendaries in the draft challenge, also I will have infinity rage if he gave me sparky


      • My Rage level:
        No rage: miner, graveyard
        Raged: princess, ice wizard, electro wizard, lava hound, lumberjack, log
        Double rage: bandit, inferno dragon
        Infinity rage: sparky


      • Actually I’m sure that all of you will complain that why I will rage when he took night witch and gave me log or electro wizard, is because everytime I tried a prediction log to kill skeleton army, my opponents always trick me with elite barbarians to kill my prince instead of skeleton army, while electro wizard can be countered by killer by skeleton army for a posotive elixir trade (usually being killed before the skeletons got countered)


  6. We need to help the night witch, not to let her fall unlike dark prince, yet is dark prince coming back? I hope he’s, as a alternative to night witch


  7. night witch reminds me of dark prince, my favourite card from the past, I hope I can find a deck with the night witch and dark prince


  8. She might be scarier than the tombstone and giant Larry, I hope hog rider won’t get scared as in the animation he got scared of giant Larry (just a joke)


  9. If she’s overpowered, She might indirect nerf to the mini PEKKA, prince, mega minion and lumberjack (which all were not always popular as they’re all high damage mid low health troops), if night witch is overpowered , meaning mini PEKKA, mega minion and lumberjack need a health buff to survive more while prince need damage buff to kill troops faster (like witch and ice wizard) to tone down the night witch


  10. Will she dethrone the powerful electro wizard which was in the meta since January? Being comparable with the great miner and lava hound? Good but Failed to find her place in the meta for a while like lumberjack, inferno dragon and bandit? (Not saying LJ, ID and bandit were bad, but they haven’t found their place in the meta, which they deserve) Or as bad as sparky? (Even if chances are rare)


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      • But she’ll be overwhelmed by skeleton army, and her bats won’t be able to kill minion horde, the witch spawn skeleton and deal area damage, although not big, still can hit pesky troops behind


      • Well yeah, most cards are overwhelmed by skarmy except Valkyrie plus the normal witch is one elixir more!


      • Well I rarely see a regular witch being overwhelmed by skeleton army because she’s a fast hitter, and enough to kill skeleton 1 shot, and I found a bug that witch will retarget even if she was not pushbacked by spells or big guys like barbarians, being zapped or hasn’t destroy a tower or anything else, that’s what I encounter with the witch sometimes


  12. My friend is going to wait for the night witch but it waited to long so he decided to go for the lumberjack instead, which he is waiting, should I tell him about the night witch is about to release and tell hi, to wait, or let him go for the lumberjack instead?


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