Brawl Stars October Balance Changes Update

Brawl Stars is back with yet another balance changes update, making this October update one of many over the past couple months. There are some great changes here, from Barley and Dynamike nerfs to map changes. Here’s the full balancing update for Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars October Balance Changes Update

October Balance Changes

  • Barley – Super now does 120 damage (from 140)
    • Barley was a bit too strong and his Super charged too quickly. Lowering the damage should help both.
  • Dynamike – Super now does 500 damage (from 540)
    • Similar to Barley, Dynamike’s Super was a bit overpowered.
  • Tara – Super now does 140 damage (from 100) and her health has increased to 800 (from 700)
    • Tara’s medium range requires a bit more health to be effective, and the increase in Super damage will also help her recharge it more quickly.
  • Spike – Super projectile now flies faster
    • Spike’s Super was very difficult to land accurately on enemies from a distance. The increase in speed should help him become more effective.
  • GG Corral – Attacking is now more difficult due to map changes and increased health for the Safe.

These are some very good changes overall, especially the updates to Barley and Dynamike. Barley and Dynamike’s supers were both ridiculously OP, so it’s good to see those tuned back a little bit. I’m glad to see Tara buffed back to original potential as well as last balance changes hit her a little too hard. That’s all for the balance changes, let me know what you guys think of this Brawl Stars update in the comment below!

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