Brawl Stars ALL 18 Brawlers Rankings

While Brawl Stars originally was released (though not on Android ;)) there were only 15 brawlers in the game. Now, through various updates, the number of brawlers has risen to 18! Today, we have brawler power rankings, ranking all 18 brawlers in Brawl Stars from worst to first. Read who the best brawler in Brawl Stars is!

Brawl Stars Brawler Power Rankings

Brawler Power Rankings

#18- Jessie

Jessie Brawl Stars

Even if you don’t agree with Jessie in the bottom, she is definitely one of the worst brawlers in Brawl Stars. While Jessie’s super is pretty good, she is lacking big time in her normal attack, which doesn’t have the range or power to make her competitive. Still, paired with El Primo and Colt, Jessie can do a lot of damage in Smash and Grab and Brawl Ball.

#17- Nita

Nita Brawl Stars

Similar to Jessie, Nita’s super ability ROCKS, but her normal attack just doesn’t live up to standards. Again, it is just too weak and doesn’t have enough range to really be a powerful attack for a good brawler. Nita is still great to have though due to her special, which can offer a tank when you are playing with weaker brawlers.

#16- Tara

Tara Brawl Stars

When Tara was first released in the September 2017 update to Brawl Stars, she was ridiculously OP. Balance changes came soon after and Tara was hit with a health decrease, range decrease, and an increased reload time, making Tara one of the worst brawlers now. Her attack comes too slowly, but it is great for taking out stacked up enemies.

#15- Ricochet

Ricochet Brawl Stars

Despite a buff in the September balance changes, Ricochet still remains at the bottom of the power rankings for now. He is heavily seen in less skilled matches, but at the top, he just can’t compete with the more meta brawlers like Colt and Brock. Still, Ricochet is terrific at taking out those Barleys and Dynamikes who hide behind walls.

#14- Bull

Bull Brawl Stars

Bull is often used as a ranged replacement for El Primo, but he ranks just a tier below him. Bull is still a great brawler, but he has some limitations, namely the range of his gun. The range just doesn’t allow him to be as good as Shelly, despite the health Bull has. He also is very scary to use in Showdown with his special; one wrong move and he could end up deep in the gas.

#13- Shelly

Shelly Brawl Stars

Back in July and August, Shelly would have definitely been the top brawler in these power rankings, becoming completely OP in showdown, as well as the other game modes. However, in the August balance changes, Shelly was hit hard and got knocked back in the Brawl Stars meta. However, she is still a decent ranged unit with decent health, making her a decent brawler!


Piper Brawl Stars

Piper was one of the three brawlers that have been released since Brawl Stars came out. She is a very powerful shooter that doesn’t have great health, but with precision, you can dominate with her. She is great in gamemodes like Bounty and Heist, where range is important to winning. As long as you have a tank on your team, Piper can win a lot of games!

#11- Bo

Bo Brawl Stars

Out of all the brawlers in Brawl Stars, Bo is my personal favorite, but I have to admit Bo isn’t at the top of the Brawl Stars power rankings right now. He is a fair card, but his special ability being nerfed in the September balancing update really set him back as far. Despite that, Bo is still great for Smash and Grab where he can set traps and hit groups of enemies!

#10- Pam

Pam Brawl Stars

Along with Tara, Pam is one of the newest brawlers in Brawl Stars and she manages to crack in the top 10 of our rankings. While Pam by herself isn’t that great, her healing station is one of the most powerful specials in Brawl Stars! She can keep your whole team alive, as well as spray back enemies with her wide range minigun attack.

#9- Poco

Poco Brawl Stars

Like Pam, Poco is a great support unit to play, healing your partners in battle. His wide attack makes it easy to reach basically any other brawler, since it does have a bit of range as well. Poco is great for basically any gamemode, but really thrives in team orientated modes like Smash and Grab and Bounty. Protecting the team is what Poco does best!

#8- Spike

Spike Brawl Stars

Our first legendary brawler, Spike, is going to come in at the number 8 spot in these brawler rankings. If you are lucky enough to have unlocked Spike, you’ll know how good he is, send out cactuses that explode and hurt everything nearby! His special is fabulous for crowd control, completely blocking off an area if you need to prevent enemy brawlers from getting through.

#7- El Primo

El Primo Brawl Stars

A classic and an all time great of Brawl Stars, El Primo has slipped a bit from his normal top 5 rank, but still is one of the best brawlers in the game. You simply cannot beat a tank that is as strong and powerful as El Primo. He can fit well in any part of the game, whether it be individual domination (Showdown) or tanking for a team mode (every other gamemode).

#6- Mortis

Mortis Brawl Stars

As we get to the number 6 ranking, we are starting to get to the very strong, top of the meta brawlers. Despite a nerf in the September balance changes, Mortis remains high in the Brawl Stars power rankings. His movement speed just cannot be beat, especially by ranged units, which he provides the ultimate counter for. His special needs a bit of work, but besides that, Mortis is great at SnG and Brawl Ball!

#5- Brock

Brock Brawl Stars

Brock is ranked number 5 based purely upon his special, which has got to be one of the most OP plays in Brawl Stars right now. Brock can annihilate all three enemy brawlers at once, basically letting you win whatever game you are playing. His normal attack is still pretty good, but it needs a bit of a buff if Brock is ever going to reach the number one brawler spot.

#4- Colt

Colt Brawl Stars

Right now, Colt is the best ranged brawler in all of Brawl Stars, giving off so much damage from such a far range. Colt is absolutely deadly in all gamemodes, whether it be Brawl Ball or Showdown, unleashing a hailstorm of bullets onto enemies. Colt is accurate and does a lot of damage for his accuracy, which is why he beats out Brock and Piper for the #4 spot in these rankings.

#3- Dynamike

Dynamike Brawl Stars

The two AoE brawlers, Dynamike and Barley, are so good right now, mainly having to do with crowd control. They can take out multiple brawlers at once. Dynamike is a bit less accurate and less effective than Barley which earns him the #3 ranking. Despite that, Dynamike is still one of the best in Brawl Stars, dishing out huge damage as long as you can aim properly.

#2- Crow

Crow Brawl Stars

And at the number two spot, we have our other legendary brawler, Crow! Crow was nerfed in the September balancing, but remained at the very top of the brawler rankings. Crow is just so powerful, doing very sharp damage with his normal attack, but also completely killing it with his special, which can damage multiple opponent and provide a quick getaway.

#1- Barley

Barley Brawl Stars

And finally, with probably very little surprise, we have Barley coming in as our number one brawler in Brawl Stars. Barley is quite simply OP, with his special and normal attack both being insanely good. As Barley, you can just camp behind walls, throwing out your bottles to wipe out your enemies. The special will basically completely annihilate anything near, making Barley the best brawler by far!

That is going to wrap it up for our Brawl Stars brawler power rankings! These are extremely opinionated, so let me know what you guys think of these rankings in the comment sections below. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Brawl Stars soon!

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