How to Win the Mirror Battle Challenge in Clash Royale

A brand new challenge is here in Clash Royale and it is the mirror battle challenge! This mirror battle challenge pits you and your opponent up against each other with the SAME DECK plus the mirror! I want to teach you how to win the mirror battle challenge and the best strategy for the mirror battle challenge in Clash Royale.

Mirror Battle Challenge Overview

The mirror battle, along with touchdown mode, were the two new gamemodes that Clash Royale released in their October 2017 update. While touchdown was much more hyped, the mirror battle is still going to be pretty awesome! Here are some facts that you need to know concerning the mirror battle, along with mirror battle daily practice!Mirror Battle Daily Practice Clash Royale

  • Both players will be using the SAME deck with the SAME rotation
  • You will have the same starting hand as your opponent
  • Decks will be randomized, but all decks will contain a mirror card

So the mirror challenge is deserving of its name on many accounts! You will be playing the mirror in your deck as well as mirroring your opponents deck, which is what is going to make it tough to win. Right now, the mirror battle is only available for daily practice with the following rewards resetting every day!

Mirror Battle Challenge Clash Royale

After a few days, the daily practice will go away and the real mirror battle challenge will be on! We don’t know the rewards for this yet, but we can assume that they will be substantially larger than the daily practice rewards. Regardless, you need to know how to win the mirror battle challenge.

How to Win the Mirror Battle Challenge

While you might sometimes play decks similar to yours, it is extremely rare that you will play the exact same deck as your opponent, let alone with the same cycle. You are going to need some strategies to win and beat your opponent in a mode where you can clearly see who the better player is.

Mirror Battle Week Clash Royale

Strategy #1: Outcycle your Opponent

The first strategy you can take in mirror battles is outcycling your opponent. Allow them to sit on full elixir or fall behind while you get through all your troops. This way, you won’t be playing the exact same cards as your opponent and can outcycle the 1 on 1 counters that mirrored decks provide.

Strategy #2: Counter your Opponent

As another option, you can do basically the complete opposite. Allow your opponent to make the moves first so that your troops will survive the 1 on 1 interactions (since you will have the help of your tower). From there, counterpush since you’ll have more troops available to play.

That’s all we’ve got today for advice on winning the mirror battle challenge. This will certainly be an awesome new gamemode to play, adding a whole new level of depth to the game. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the Mirror Battle Challenge in Clash Royale!

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