TOUCHDOWN MODE: Gameplay and Details for New Update

The newest gamemode in Clash Royale, touchdown mode, has officially been unveiled for the October 2017 update! This touchdown mode looks AWESOME, adding a whole new element of gameplay to Clash Royale. However, there is a lot to this new mode, so let’s discuss the strategy, gameplay, details, and rules for touchdown mode in Clash Royale!

Touchdown Mode Clash Royale

Touchdown Mode Format and New Arena

Touchdown mode is a completely new gamemode in Clash Royale, which isn’t even out yet (to be released in the October update). As with every new gamemode, there is a whole new set of rules and formatting in order to play touchdown mode correctly. The biggest detail with touchdown mode right now is that it is only available in 2v2 and in draft mode!

Clash Royale 2v2 Back August 2017

So you won’t be able to make your own decks with touchdown mode or play by yourself, YET. The Clash Royale team has stated that they plan on releasing 1v1 mode soon for touchdown, but there has been no details on whether it will ever be available without draft mode.

There were rumors about this October update that a new arena would be coming and the Clash Royale team has delivered on that rumor. Of course, the new touchdown mode is going to have to be played in a brand new exclusive arena! I introduce to you the touchdown arena, where ALL games for touchdown mode will be played!

New Arena Touchdown Mode Clash Royale

Notice how there are no towers, no bridge, and no river in the touchdown arena. That’s because there will be a whole new way to get crowns besides taking down your opponent’s towers. In order to get crowns, you have to get a troop into your opponent’s end zone. This troop can be anything, from a skeleton to a golem and will count for a crown.

Touchdown Mode October 2017 Update Clash Royale

Of course, with there being no towers, you will have to be able to defend EVERYTHING, since the tower won’t be there to shoot down any weak cards. A skeleton will easily be able to pick up a crown if you don’t counter it. The first team to three crowns will win the battle or whoever has more crowns at the end of 3 minutes. If you are tied, the game will go into overtime, with the first team to get a touchdown winning the whole battle!

Touchdown Mode Card Rules

The biggest question surrounding touchdown mode was about cards like the miner and goblin barrel. You could just send those right over to the end zone and pick up a bunch of crowns like that, right? Well, the Clash Royale team has put in some boundaries so that this can’t happen. The “direct damage cards” can’t be played past the 50 yard line, while all other cards can only be played at the 30 yard line and back.

50 Yard Line (Miner, Graveyard, Goblin Barrel, and Log)

Miner Goblin Barrel Touchdown Mode Clash Royale

30 Yard Line (All Other Cards) 
Touchdown Mode October 2017 Update Clash Royale

These restrictions will make sure that the gamemode is both fair and fun. No one would want to play touchdown if it was first player to cycle to the miner wins. While troop and building cards have restrictions, spells (aside from the log) can be played anywhere in the arena, even in your opponent’s endzone.

Also, right now, Clash Royale has banned some cards from the touchdown gamemode, claiming they are too impactful of the meta to belong. Here are the 7 cards that you will NEVER see in touchdown mode!

  • Mega Knight
  • Bats
  • Hog Rider
  • Elixir Collector
  • Cannon
  • Cannon Cart
  • Flying Machine

That is just about all the details and rules I have of the new touchdown gamemode right now! I really think that it looks cool and can’t wait for the October update to drop so that we can all play it. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more update leaks, rumors, and sneak peeks!

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16 thoughts on “TOUCHDOWN MODE: Gameplay and Details for New Update

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  3. I played touchdown mode today and I got hog rider 2 times in a row in the draft. (I won both of them because hog is op). However, I haven’t been seeing the other cards listed.


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