Best Decks to Win the Elixir Challenge in Clash Royale

The elixir challenge has returned in Clash Royale, giving us three challenges in one. In the elixir challenge, you will have to win the ramp up, double elixir, and triple elixir parts of the special challenge. Here are the best decks to win all stages of the elixir challenge in Clash Royale!

Elixir Challenge Best Decks Clash Royale

Best Decks to Win the Elixir Challenge

Now, obviously, since it is the elixir challenge, with more elixir than in a usual battle, the best decks for you to use in the elixir challenge are going to be heavy, expensive decks. With the increase in elixir, beatdown decks will be able to dominate even more, making it a race for the three crown in a lot of the battles. Here’s 3 decks that should work great in this Clash Royale elixir challenge!

Golem Beatdown Deck

Elixir Challenge Golem Beatdown Deck Clash Royale

First off, it should be almost a no-brainer that a golem deck is going to be featured here. If anything, I’d recommend playing this deck right here, using the extra elixir to cram in as many support troops as possible behind your golem. Especially in triple elixir, you should be able to get all four of your support units in behind your golem. The real key to succeeding with this deck in the elixir challenge is to always try to have a golem down, making your opponent have to answer and not focus on offense.

Three Musketeers Split Lane Deck

Elixir Challenge Three Musketeers Deck Clash Royale

In the elixir challenge, playing three musketeers is going to be a little bit different than playing on the ladder or in a challenge. First off, you definitely shouldn’t bring the elixir pump, since it won’t really add much in the triple elixir stages. The whole goal behind this deck is to be able to pressure two different lanes at once, hence the 3Ms, rascals, and zappies. With increased elixir, it should be even easier to push both lanes, putting your opponent in a tough spot to defend.

PEKKA Battle Ram Deck

Elixir Challenge PEKKA Beatdown Deck Clash Royale

In the current Clash Royale meta, the PEKKA is absolutely killing it, so the success should translate into the elixir challenge. You have two cards that reset infernos, the electro-wizard and zappies, so you should be able to keep your PEKKA alive for more than 10 seconds. A smart play here is to build up with the PEKKA in the back and then, when your opponent mirrors you by playing an expensive card in the back, push a battle ram towards the tower. Cycle back to the PEKKA as much as possible.

With those three decks, you should be able to make it pretty far in this elixir challenge. Once again, remember that there are three stages, ramp up, double elixir, and triple elixir. Good luck in the challenge and comment below which deck you are going to be using in the elixir challenge in Clash Royale!

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