How to Win the Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge

The Royal Ghost is just a day away from unlock, as the Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge starts tomorrow in Clash Royale! This will be your first chance to see Royal Ghost gameplay, as well as have Royal Ghost decks. Here’s an overview of the Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge and how to win!

Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge Clash Royale

Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge Overview

The more important aspect of the Royal Ghost challenge is that it will be a mirror challenge. A mirror challenge makes each player use the exact same deck. Not only do you both receive the same deck, but you also have the same card rotation. This means you will have the same starting hand and following cards as the person you are playing.

In this mirror challenge, EVERY deck will feature both the mirror and the Royal Ghost cards.

Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge Clash Royale

As with every special challenge in Clash Royale, the Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge will reward you with some one time prizes at certain win milestones, as well as giving you a chest once you reach either 12 wins or 3 losses. Here are all the special rewards, as well as their special win tally!


  • 2 Wins: 500 gold
  • 4 Wins: 1000 gold
  • 6 Wins: Giant Chest
  • 8 Wins: Magical Chest
  • 10 Wins: Legendary Chest
  • 12 Wins: Royal Ghost

Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge Clash Royale

The top prize from the Royal Ghost Mirror Challenges will net you 11000 gold and 550 cards, not too small of a chest. Even if you fail completely and win no battles, you still are guaranteed 700 gold and 10 cards. However, this won’t happen, because we are going to tell you how to win the Royal Ghost challenge!

How to Win Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge

  • Analyze your deck: as soon as you begin a battle, start analyzing your deck to see what cards and synergies you have. You need to identify your support, tank, and spells quickly, so you know how to counter.
  • Try to outcycle your opponent: since you have the same rotation, you are going to have to out cycle your opponent so that you aren’t stuck on the same cards. Try to play more cards at the beginning of the battle them him or her, so that you will gain the advantage of knowing what cards come next in cycle.
  • Use the mirror to shake things up: chances are that the mirror isn’t going to used often, even though it can be the ultimate game changer in these mirror battles. If your shared deck only has one answer to swarm, play a swarm card and then mirror it for a huge opportunity!
  • Learn how to play the Royal Ghost: out of all the cards in the deck, the Royal Ghost is going to be the most important since you’ll be playing him in every deck. Learn the strategy behind the RG quickly so that you will have the advantage of him over your opponent.

With all of those tips, you guys should be posed to win the Royal Ghost challenge and unlock the Royal Ghost as a result. Good luck to all of you competing in this mirror challenge! Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of the Royal Ghost!

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6 thoughts on “How to Win the Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge

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  2. 10-3, I was really angry at first, but I don’t think he’s that good, and I got the 10 wins legendary chest, also 10 wins is a pretty great progress


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