Royal Ghost Balance Changes LEAKED in Clash Royale

The royal ghost will receiving a nerf in the next set of balance changes, as leaked by Clash Royale. The royal ghost has been ridiculously OP as a legendary card, quickly rising to the top of the deck meta shortly after its release. A royal ghost nerf is well received as it definitely needs to be toned down. Here’s the royal ghost nerf leak, as well as speculation about the balance changes.

Royal Ghost Nerf Balance Changes Clash Royale

Royal Ghost Nerf Leak

While it was almost a guarantee that the royal ghost was bound for a nerf, Clash Royale confirmed it with a tweet responding to a question about the next balance changes in the game. Here are their replies to the tweet.

Royal Ghost Nerf Balance Changes Clash Royale

The two pieces of the puzzle are there: he will be “toned down” and it will be “in the next balance update”. However, what changes could they make to the royal ghost in order to make it a lot less OP? Here are two of the best solutions from my head.

  1. Move Cost to 4 Elixir: A lot of professional players and YouTubers have said that they would stay play the RG if he cost 4 elixir. While this might be true, some of his stats would have to be bumped up a bit if his cost was increased. A 4 elixir royal ghost makes a lot more sense than having it only cost 3 though.
  2. Decrease HP: Currently, the main problem with the royal ghost is that his hitpoints are way too high for a 3 elixir card. His HP at tournament level is currently higher than an executioner and baby dragon. With an HP closer to that of a witch or mega minion, he’d be much easier to deal with.

While the royal ghost is surely the focus of these balance changes, there will be other cards nerfed and buffed. Here are the cards that I think deserve a balance in the next update.

Balancing Update Speculation

There are a lot of cards that are considered OP and weak right now in the Clash Royale meta. Here are my wanted balances and nerfs for the January balance update!

  • Mega Knight- Besides the royal ghost, I would probably say the mega knight is the most powerful card. It provides so much value with its splash, that it needs to be toned down. If the deploy damage and landing damage were decreased a little bit, I would be a lot happier about the mega knight.
  • Tornado- Currently, the tornado is insanely strong, especially when paired with the executioner. My ideal nerf for the tornado would be for it to have a lot less drag power. If troops are on the very outside of its radius, they wouldn’t be pulled all the way to the center, or something along those lines.
  • Executioner- The other half to the tornado-executioner pair, the executioner is way too versatile to not have a nerf. He fits in nearly every deck well, which makes him a threat no matter who you are playing. If I were to change him, I would reduce the width of his blade, not allowing him to damage so many units at one instant.
  • Sparky- Enough has been said about sparky for me not to have to support the opinion for a buff. The issue with sparky isn’t with her, but with the cards who counter her. Currently, 6 cards (zap, zappies, ice spirit, e-wiz, lightning, freeze) will reset sparky, which basically never allows her to shoot. Something has to change about her counters for her to be effective.
  • Zappies- Since their introduction a month ago, zappies have been extremely underwhelming. They simply don’t pack the punch that the electro-wizard does, which makes many players choose the e-wiz over them. I think if zappies worked more like sparky, charging for a big hit, they would find more success.
  • Flying Machine- Similarly to zappies, the flying machine was (somewhat) recently released in Clash Royale and was met with unenthusiastic use. The flying machine is actually a pretty decent card, but people just don’t use it (sort of like the goblin hut a month ago). A small buff of any kind would turn attention and use to it.

I hope that you guys agree with all of my ideas! We know that the balance update is coming pretty soon, since Clash Royale wouldn’t leak it like this unless it was less than a week away. We should see these balance changes live sometime within 10 days, I believe.

So that is going to wrap it up for this pre-balance changes article. I know that you guys are ready for the royal ghost to be nerfed! Thanks for reading and let me know what other cards you think should receive a change in this balancing update!

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  3. Honestly, I think Mega Knight is balanced, for 7 elixir, what he can do is just perfect, I think it’s the spawn that makes him hard to react against, but he’s really easy to counter


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