Future Updates LEAKED in Clash Royale!

Clash Royale has hinted at some of the future updates to the game by releasing a Reddit AMA from the year 2045, giving leaks about how Clash Royale will be in the distant future. Here are some of the update ideas that Clash Royale has at the moment, based on this Q&A!

Clash Royale October 2017 Update

Future Updates LEAKED!

Mythical Rarity Leaked

New Card Rarity Leaked Clash Royale Update

In this rarity leak confirming mythical cards, the term mythical is casually mentioned. However, the card type that the response is referring to is even more rare than mythical cards, which means that there will be another rarity even above mythical cards. Still, with a bunch of rumors about a hero/mythical rarity, it is confirmed by the Clash Royale team by 2045!

New Cards Leaked

New Cards Leaked Clash Royale Update

A few new cards were leaked in a response, including mega bats and archer queen. As I said above, there have been many rumors concerning hero cards, so it isn’t much of a surprise to see the archer queen. Mega bats might be like the mega minion by weaker, like the equivalent between bats and minions. Another thread later confirms the existence of mega bats in 2045!

New Cards Leaked Clash Royale Update

New Arena Leaked

New Arena Leaked Clash Royale Update

And finally, a new arena was leaked that should be updated into Clash Royale by 2045. This new arena’s name is Dark Abyss, where it sounds like many dark cards could be added in. Who knows what trophy range this new arena could be added in, since the trophy landscape might have changed a lot by 2045.

That’s most of what Clash Royale mentioned in this future AMA. Of course, we have until 2045 for these features to be added, so we might not be seeing them for a while! However, these ideas are definitely in the minds of the Clash Royale team as we ascend further into 2018. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think we might see by 2045!

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