Trader Gameplay Leaked for Clash of Clans March Update

The trader will be coming to Clash of Clans in the March 2018 update! The second sneak peek for the CoC March updated showed us the trader, as well as some balance changes that will be coming to the game. Here’s the full second sneak peek and the gameplay of the trader for Clash of Clans!

Trader Clash of Clans March 2018 Update

Trader Gameplay Leaked

Here’s what the Clash of Clans team said about the trader in their sneak peek this morning.

The Trader is a traveling merchant who, starting at Town Hall 8, will frequent your Village to peddle his exotic wares. Setting shop on the other side of the Clan path, across from the Clan Games carriage, the Trader will have 3 special deals for you each day. Perhaps you’d like to acquire a Magic Item or other rare and unusual novelties? The Trader may just have what you’re looking for!

So based on this, we can gather that the trader won’t be a permanent addition to the game. He will appear occasionally, kind of like clan games. Speaking of clan games, the trader will appear on the other side of the clan path, appearing opposite to the clan games caravan. When the trader appears, he will offer you deals that you can buy with gems. It seems that most of his offers will be for magic items.

Some images have been leaked of the trader’s gameplay. Here’s an image of the trader’s outpost, from which he will sell his magic items!

Trader Outpost Clash of Clans March 2018 Update

When the trader appears, you can click on his tent and that will pull up your list of offers for the day. The offers will change every day, so make sure you are checking every day when you log in. Here’s what his offers will look like when pulled up!

Trader Deals Clash of Clans March 2018 Update

So that is all the leaked information we have on the trader right now. He doesn’t seem to be a big game-changing aspect to Clash of Clans, but it will still be good to be able to buy magic items if you aren’t winning any from clan games. Let’s move onto the balance changes coming in the March 2018 update!

Balance Changes for March Update

P.E.K.K.A Balancing

  • Level 4 is now available at Town Hall 9 instead of Town Hall 10
  • Level 6 is now available at Town Hall 10 instead of Town Hall 11 (costs 8.5 million Elixir instead of 10 million)
  • Level 7 is available at Town Hall 11 (upgrade times have been adjusted/reduced so the Level 7 upgrade is now 14 days)

Inferno Tower Balancing

  • Multi-mode damage has been increased:
    • Level 3: from 41 to 45
    • Level 4: from 50 to 53
    • Level 5: from 57 to 63
  • Single-mode damage has been balanced to increase the time it takes to reach maximum damage, from 4.25 seconds to 5.25 seconds.

Wizard Tower

  • Wizard Tower level 9 damage has been decreased from 56 to 54

New Trap Levels

  • Skeleton Trap level 4
  • Giant Bomb level 5
  • Bomb level 7
  • Air Bomb level 5


  • Town Hall 11:  All level 11 walls can now be upgraded to level 12


  • The Barbarian King’s Iron Fist ability will only affect the Barbarians he spawns
  • Multi-mortar gear-up is available to upgrade a single Mortar at TH10

That is going to completely wrap up the second sneak peek for the Clash of Clans March update! I really like this update so far as it brings some great features to clan games. Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for the next sneak peek!

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