Dark Mirror CONFIRMED as New Clash Royale Card

The dark mirror has been confirmed as a new card in Clash Royale, most likely coming in the April 2018 update. No new cards have been leaked for the April update yet, with the dark mirror being the first one. Here’s everything we know about the dark mirror, as well as how the dark mirror was leaked.

Dark Mirror coming in April Update

The dark mirror has long been a source of discussion in the Clash Royale community, mostly as the dark counter to the mirror as some cards already have (see night witch and witch; prince and dark prince). The community has been tossing this idea out since the beginning of Clash Royale.

14 months ago, the Clash Royale developer team released THIS article, in which they talked about 9 cards that they’ve already playtested and implemented into a beta version of the game. And, you guessed it, the dark mirror was one of those cards.

That brings us to today, April 16th, in which Clash Royale confirmed that the dark mirror would be the newest card added in the April 2018 update. Nickatnyte, a popular Clash Royale YouTuber, tweeted out this leaked picture of the dark mirror:

This doesn’t look like too legit of a leak right? At first, I didn’t even understand what it meant. The prince turns into the dark prince, just like the mirror would turn into the dark mirror.

Still, this picture just looks like a pretty bad attempt to stage a leak for the April update. That was until the official Clash Royale twitter account responded with this picture:

With a single GIF, Clash Royale confirmed that the dark mirror will be heading into the game after the April 2018 update! Here’s how the dark mirror will probably work.

While the mirror allows you to play another card you just played for +1 elixir, the dark mirror would allow you to mirror YOUR OPPONENT’S card for +1 elixir.

I think that this card will severely shake up the meta in Clash Royale, since you can add another win condition to your deck by mirror your opponent’s golem, for example. This is the accepted theory for the dark mirror and isn’t confirmed by Clash Royale yet.

I’m really happy to see the dark mirror added to Clash Royale. It has a really neat concept and will really shake up the game a lot. Thanks for reading and comment below what your thoughts on the dark mirror are!

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