Clash Royale Epic Card Rankings (February 2018)

It is time for a new epic card rankings for all the epic cards in Clash Royale! We will be having a power ranking, 23-1, of the epic cards in Clash Royale as of February 2018. As many of you know, I have done this ranking before, when there were only 22 epic cards. The top 5 cards then, in order, were executioner, tornado, golem, skeleton army, and PEKKA. Let’s see how much those rankings were shaken up over the past couple balance changes and updates!

You can view the old ranking here:

Clash Royale Ranking the Epic Cards

How the Epic Cards are Ranked

When ranking these cards we put a lot of thought and effort into what makes the best epic card the best. We are considering a variety of different ways to rank which are order in importance as follows:

  1. Versatility
  2. Cost/Damage Ratio (is the card worth it?)
  3. Strength on defense and offense

So now that you know what we are judging on, lets go ahead and get into the rankings, starting with number 23!

Note: Text color indicates which way the card is trending in regard to the November rankings.

Epic Card Rankings

#23- Clone

Clash Royale Clone Spell

Undoubtedly, the clone spell is going to finish at the bottom of these epic card rankings, coming in at the bottom spot over the past 3 three epic card rankings. The real issue with the clone is that there are way too many splash damage cards that can quickly counter the effects of it. Something big has to change in the clone in order to make it viable.

#22- Mirror

Clash Royale Mirror

There’s no question that the mirror is one of the most unique cards in Clash Royale, but the real issue is finding a good time to play it. No one wants to play an extra elixir for the card they just played; the one elixir goes towards throwing off your opponent. For the mirror to really become part of the meta, it needs to transition away from a “troll card”.

#21- Lightning

Lightning Clash Royale

Right now, the rocket is simply dominating the lightning in use. After that completely random nerf to the lightning, it hasn’t seen any use whatsoever in the top decks in the game. The radius of the lightning was one of the best things about it, since it could capture multiple units at once. I’d really like to see the lightning radius buffed back up to what it was.

#20- Freeze

Freeze Clash Royale

Sort of like the mirror, the freeze can be amazing in niche situations. After all, hog freeze used to dominate the meta back in the early days of Clash Royale. The issue right now with the freeze is that there are too many cheap cards in Clash Royale that can easily be played after the freeze deployment. Also, the popularity of the ice spirit does not help the freeze at all.

#19- Hunter

Hunter Clash Royale

The newest epic card in Clash Royale was a bit of a fluke, not dealing close to enough damage compared to the similar musketeer and executioner to really be effective in the meta. The hunter is a mix between the two cards mentioned, which is really a problem to its meta game. Why would you use a half of both when you could get the more effective one all together?

#18- Cannon Cart

Cannon Cart Clash Royale

The cannon cart is going to be the biggest faller in these epic card rankings, dropping from #10 all the way to #18. For a brief moment, during the November 2017 rankings, the cannon cart was really a great card, but then reality happened. There were much stronger 5 elixir cards that the CC could be substituted for, and those quickly overwhelmed the cannon cart back to the bottom.

#17- Bowler

Bowler Clash Royale

Remember the days of bowler graveyard? Those days are completely gone now, as the severe graveyard nerfs have made it somewhat irrelevant, and took the bowler with it. Similarly to the cannon cart, the bowler just doesn’t cut it when it comes to 5 elixir support cards, especially with the executioner and wizard trumping his splash damage.

#16- Rage

Clash Royale Rage Spell

The rage has certainly improved a little bit in the meta, but it stays the same at #16. It seems that three cards work extremely well with the rage, so it depends on their success. Those three cards? Balloon, elite barbarians, and the witch (paired with giant usually). As long as those three cards are still being played, the rage can sit at #16 all day long!

#15- Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton Clash Royale

What??? Can I hear a big rise in the meta for the giant skeleton? For some odd reason, the giant skeleton has really seen a spike in play lately, mostly combined with giant or mega knight. This card is great for counterpushing, because, sort of like sparky, you need to address it or suffer big damage. I sure hope we see big giant skeleton growth in the future!

#14- X-Bow

Clash Royale XBow

Another previously “bad” card that is on the rise in the x-bow, coming up all the way to #14 and almost ranking in the top half of all epic cards. Just like the mortar, the x-bow has seen an increase in use in Clash Royale. Siege decks could be coming back for sure. If Clash Royale decides to buff the x-bow even the tiniest bit, it could quickly become the meta.

#13- Guards

Guards Clash Royale

Receiving a big time buff in the December balance changes, guards are no longer one of the worst, purposefully defensive, cards in the game! The skeleton army has been on a little bit of fall, and guards have come in to take their spot. These guys are great for countering a hog rider with ease, since they can’t be spelled out of the way!

#12- Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon Clash Royale

Even though golem beatdown decks are back, the baby dragon, one of the cards that fits in perfectly with the golem has fallen. Honestly, the baby dragon just doesn’t do enough damage to really be a great card. There are better support cards for the golem right now, which leaves the baby dragon in an undesirable place, though still a decent card.

#11- Skeleton Army

Skeleton Army Clash Royale

When used when your opponent doesn’t have zap or log up, the skeleton army can be absolutely devastating. However, because of the popularity of those two cards in the Clash Royale meta right now, the skeleton army is way too easy to counter. Going with guards is becoming more and more popular and you could definitely see a swap in place by the next rankings.

#10- Witch

Witch Clash Royale

Right now, the witch is definitely trending UP in the meta. The two win conditions that she wins best with, the giant and the golem, are really killing it right now in Clash Royale, which means she is as well. Even in the double prince deck, the witch is a prominently featured support card. The only issue is her cost, which might make people choose the night witch over her.

#9- Prince

Prince Clash Royale

I’ve been waiting for the rise of the double prince meta for a long time now, and I’m happy to say that it is definitely back. A giant-double prince deck is currently the best deck in the meta for Clash Royale! Remember, the prince was buffed in the December 2017 balance changes, which brought him up to standard as a strong 5 elixir card.

#8- Balloon

Balloon Clash Royale

As mentioned earlier in combination with the rage spell, the balloon is killing it right now, despite the prevalence of air-killing troops. With the rage spell, its nearly impossible to beat the balloon in the time it takes for it to get a single hit on the tower. LavaLoonion is basically left for dead, but the solo balloon is tearing it up right now!

#7- Goblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel Clash Royale

Even since goblins could no longer be killed by zap, the goblin barrel has been doing very well in the meta. This card is the staple of log bait decks, which have been around for as long as the log was a decent card. Unless another 1/2 elixir card that can kill goblins comes out, the goblin barrel is pretty likely to stay towards the top.

#6- Dark Prince

Dark Prince Clash Royale

Probably to the surprise to no one reading this, the dark prince shot up 8 spots after the insane buff in the February balance changes. The dark prince got a double buff, with hit speed and hitpoints increasing to make him a great card. If the dark prince continues to rise, don’t be surprised to see him crack into the top three in the next rankings.

#5- Poison

Poison Clash Royale

Currently, poison is one of the best 4 damage spells in the game (looking at you tornado), and is going to continue to rise thanks to the beatdown meta that we are currently in. Being able to clear a wide range of troops is the real reason why the poison is excelling; can we see another meta centered around giant poison?!

#4- Executioner

Executioner Clash Royale

It’s not really that the executioner has dropped off, but other cards have just gotten better in the current Clash Royale meta. The executioner is still dominating as one of the best splash damage cards in the game, fitting in well in most decks. Combined with the tornado, the executioner is nearly impossible to beat on defense!


PEKKA Clash Royale

With the mega knight nerf, many people predicted that we would see a shoot up in the use of the PEKKA. With PEKKA already a strong card before the mega knight nerf, it just got even better! Though having to match up against the golem and giant, the PEKKA can definitely hold her own, definitely being one of the best tanks in Clash Royale.

#2- Tornado

Tornado Clash Royale

The tornado has been so good recently, that it is starting to replace elite barbarians and royal giant as the most hated card in Clash Royale. I think that the tornado definitely needs some sort of push for pull power, as it can completely rocket troops back. Also, with the added ability to activate the king’s tower, the tornado is just an invaluable card in Clash Royale.

#1- Golem

Golem Clash Royale

And the number one epic card is going to be no other than the golem, who is currently dominating the meta thanks to buffs to his support cards in the last couple balance changes. With the inferno dragon nerf, the golem just becomes that much more powerful too! Expect to see different types of golem decks emerge over the next couple months as he cements himself at the top.

So that is going to wrap it up for our epic card rankings for February of 2018! Stay tuned soon to see our legendary card rankings. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of the rankings!

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100 thoughts on “Clash Royale Epic Card Rankings (February 2018)

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  2. 75% chance that Bowler will return to the meta! While rascals doing pretty well, they got crushed by the Bowler’s boulders easily………


  3. My new rank

    24. Clone
    23. Barbarian Barrel
    22. Mirror
    21. Bowler
    20. Freeze
    19. Rage
    18. Cannon Cart
    17. Hunter
    16. Giant Skeleton
    15. Skeleton Army
    14. Witch
    13. Lightning
    12. Guards
    11. X-Bow
    10. Goblin Barrel
    9. Balloon
    8. Baby Dragon
    7. Poison
    6. Tornado
    5. Dark Prince
    4. Prince
    3. Executioner
    2. PEKKA
    1. Golem


  4. “I’d really like to see the lightning radius buffed back up to what it was.” wish granted, the radius will be back to 3.5


  5. Unless the next balance update killed them or buff other tanks, I think PEKKA and Golem will always be the top definition of OP! Especially Golem, At least PEKKA isn’t too hard to distract. Seen a lot of comments about Golem, saying that he needs a big nerf


  6. I despise nothing but the Tornado (Yeah I’m fine with lightning now, but seriously nerf the tornado!), don’t really like poison as well


  7. My new rank

    24. Clone
    23. Barbarian Barrel
    22. Mirror
    21. Lightning
    20. Freeze
    19. Bowler
    18. Hunter
    17. Rage
    16. Cannon Cart
    15. Giant Skeleton
    14. Skeleton Army
    13. Witch
    12. Guards
    11. X-Bow
    10. Baby Dragon
    9. Balloon
    8. Goblin Barrel
    7. Prince
    6. Executioner
    5. Poison
    4. Tornado (Please nerf this card next update…..)
    3. Dark Prince
    2. PEKKA
    1. Golem


    • This is pretty close to what I’d say too. Really hoping for a tornado nerf (hopefully pull strength) but PEKKA and golem are in a good spot right now!


    • True, but if they take away some damage then it won’t be able to kill as many things – like a level 6 one currently can’t kill max witch. And then if u nerf it damage wise lightning AND arrows won’t kill executioner


      • Yep, the health on the executioner is honestly the worst thing about him. Needs to be able to be die to a lightning IMO!


      • If executioner dies to lightning, then everyone will start using Wizard, or Baby Dragon……. yet those 2 are also some of the best support units


      • Make lightning unable to kill bandit, but make its radius to 4, so lightning can capture more units OR decrease the cost to 5, so that it’s more effective on cycling, speed up beatdown.

        But here’s the problem: if we do that, beatdown decks such as Lavaloon and Golem decks will be a lot more OP, so if we buff lightning, we need to nerf Golem and Balloon (Some of my friends really hate Golem and i was a former Balloon hater)


  8. Uh… Lavaloon is 100% not dead. Ever since I got my lava hound (I am at 3000+ trophies), my deck (lvl 1 lava, lvl 3 balloon, lvl 1 miner, lvl 9 minions, lvl 9 archers, lvl 10 zap, lvl 7 fireball, lvl 3 baby drag) has a record of (estimated) 20-4-2, with two losses being really close, one loss due to a disconnection, and one loss because I had to go afk. I don’t even rely on the balloon as my main win condition; I can easily overwhelm opponents with a dragon/minions/lava pups/miner attack.

    However, I tend to agree with the rest of your list.


    • At the time of writing this article, LavaLoon certainly was on the decline. However, over the past couple weeks I have noticed LavaLoon back up and strong!


    • U should try my deck ben (I was 4600 last session) – lavahound, loon, mega minions, minions, tombstone, lumberjack (or guards), fireball, and arrows. U don’t have enough ground defence in ur deck so for u its great on offence but ur going to be wrecked by e-barbs or big ground pushes without the ability to distract them. Tombstone is great for a quick reaction to hog or ebarbs, and works well with golem and giant too. Also guards or lumberjack also provide distraction, saving ur tower from destruction or unneeded damage. Also arrows are in there because even though zap resets inferno d, the bigger threat is minions/minion horde, so that is what arrows are for, being a better reaction then baby dragon. And archers are great support for ground decks but bad for air ones, which is why mega minion and minions are there. Try it out, works great for me


  9. All tanks are pretty good now (Except RG), But Golem is definitely the only one which is OP, despite his heavy cost, it impacted the Giant quite a lot, especially because Golem’s supports are more supreme than Giant’s support (Excluding Executioner) (eg, Night Witch > Witch, Dark Prince > Valkyrie) as well as his high stats. And that’s what led PEKKA and Giant Skeleton to rise because PEKKA can kill the Golem easily while the Giant Skeleton can defend Golem’s supporters. Still, Giant is still strong, because he’s cheaper!


  10. I do see a lot more Giant Skeleton than Royal Giant everyday. Giant Skeleton may be a lot better nowadays, but he still need a lot more strength to be compareable with PEKKA


  11. Okay so I am a long time lavaloon user (deck consisting of level 2 lavahound, level 7 ballon, level 10 mega minion, level 12 minions, level 3 lumberjack, level 9 tombstone, level 6 lightning, and level 12 arrows), currently around 4600. I always use lighting arrows combo, and not fireball zap because zap cant really kill anything air (besides bats) and isn’t really necessary inside a air deck and fireball doesn’t kill the main things u want to kill with high dps spell (overleved zap and fireball don’t matter, all cards I face are max or close besides legendaries) so even though lightning was really buffed it has much more value in this deck. Also lavaloon is NOT dead, but on the rise again due to it being a sturdy reliable deck for high level ladder. But my question is what do u think is better in this deck: level 11 zap and level 8 fireball; or level 12 arrows and level 6 lightning? Also what do u think of my deck on whole?


    • Sounds like a great intuitive deck! I have noticed a few more LavaLoon decks over the past few weeks. I think that arrows and an overleveled fireball would work best for you (get your fireball to 10 if you can so that it can kill level 9 muskie/wiz)


    • Okay of the 3 combos – lightning arrows, fireball arrows, poison zap; fireball arrows seems to work the best for now. Note: best offensive one is poison zap, but its bad on defence, so I went with fireball arrows. And just saying lightning used to be AMAZING I remember when I used to be able to catch wizard, tower, and inferno tower in one lightning spell. And then slowing poison was amazing to with giant prince poison. and zap is really bad after damage nerf (can’t kill anything), and log is terrible in air decks (obviously), and its much harder to upgrade due to it being legendary, messing up the balencing


      • Yeah the lightning nerf was really uncalled for, but I’m glad to hear fireball/arrows is working well for you!


      • As a lightning hater, I think Lightning definitely deserves a nerf, but that is not the nerf i expected, I expected an even bigger damage nerf (like 5-10%), But not a radius reduction.


      • The radius is honestly what made the lightning viable and different from the rocket. Taking it away weakened it way too much


    • I don’t know if u take suggestions but I saw ur other deck reviews and how to use them, it would be awesome to see one on lavaloon, but u don’t have to of course 🙂


  12. Reconsidered, I think I hate Tornado more than lightning. I think Tornado is my actual least favourite, but lightning is probably close 2nd


  13. I don’t know, does Goblin Barrel deserves a nerf? It sucks before, but now it seemed too annoying, especially at tournaments where Fire Spirits are one of the weakest cards and Log is easily baited out.


    • It definitely isn’t OP enough to warrant a nerf, but it is so strong in tournaments. On the ladder though, if you have a overleveled zap, you’re fine


  14. Witch used to be my favourite cards in the game, until I discovered that she’s too fragile compared to Baby Dragon, which has a lot more HP than her. And she’s too vulnerable when no Skeletons were with her as her own damage is too low, Executioner can deal with a lot of stuff better than her


  15. I’m so happy to see Double Prince return! I’ve stopped using them for quite a while as they seemed too off meta and too easy to counter. Now that they got their buffs, they’re better than ever!


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      • A few days before lightning was nerfed, Lightning was the card that made me raged so hard, it’s so hard to stop beatdown as long as lightning was supporting, especially Lavaloon that I used to hate, only then realized that without lightning, lavaloon isn’t too bad. I still have very bad memories about it, it caused me to hate Balloon for nearly a year. I also found out that people hate Golem, Which Lightning is also in those decks. Also, Lightning ruined my push before the nerf as the high damage and stun allowed opponents to react against my push better. Being the only card I hate (At least I love using Tornado), this is my least favourite card now


  17. My rank

    23. Clone
    22. Lightning
    21. Mirror
    20. Freeze
    19. Bowler
    18. Hunter
    17. Rage
    16. Cannon Cart
    15. Giant Skeleton
    14. X-Bow
    13. Skeleton Army
    12. Witch
    11. Guards
    10. Baby Dragon
    9. Goblin Barrel
    8. Balloon
    7. Prince
    6. Dark Prince
    5. Executioner
    4. Poison
    3. Tornado
    2. PEKKA
    1. Golem


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