New Game Mode (King of the Hill) in April 2018 Update

A new game mode has been leaked in Clash Royale called “King of the Hill”, which should be coming in the April 2018 update! This new game mode, the first one since Touchdown mode, was leaked on Reddit. Here’s everything we know about the King of the Hill new game mode in Clash Royale!

New Game Mode: King of the Hill

King of the Hill was not referenced at all in any of Clash Royale’s “sneak peeks”, which makes it kind of strange to see it leaked now. A user on Reddit datamined Clash Royale and found that King of the Hill, as well as a new arena, Atlantis Base arena, was within the game code, just not implemented in game yet. Here’s the information about King of the Hill.

New Atlantis Base Arena Clash Royale April Update

If you look at the top right of the picture, you can see references to many things with “King of the Hill” inside. If the new game mode is added in the April update, we will have the following with it:

  • A King of the Hill arena
  • A King of the Hill friendly battle
  • The physical King of the Hill gamemode

This sounds exactly like touchdown, as touchdown brought a new arena, as well as friendly battles (occasionally). With the April 2018 update only a few days away, it should be coming in that update.

I’m hoping that this new King of the Hill gamemode is really fun to play. We don’t have any leaked gameplay of King of the Hill, but if any appears, I’ll be sure to have in on the site. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think King of the Hill could be!

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