NEW Clash Royale Cards from Developer Team

Today, we have 9 new cards that the Clash Royale developer team has, at one point, play tested in the real Clash Royale game. These cards may or may not be the next update, or any update for that matter, but they were tested by the Clash Royale developers at one point.

These cards should let you guys see where the Clash Royale team’s head is at for new cards, along with providing a few hints at cards that might be coming in March.

Clash Royale New Cards Developer Team Update

Dark Mirror

The dark mirror is the first of the developer cards that they leaked they would be working on. Since it is dark, does this mean that the dark mirror will cost dark elixir? No, the dark is just a name for the opposite of a mirror. Basically, what the dark mirror would do is mirror your OPPONENT’S last card played for 1 more elixir than the cost. This sounds super sweet, so why isn’t in Clash Royale right now? Well, the developer team had problems casting the spell, especially if your opponent played two cards at once.

Clash Royale New Card Dark Mirror

Elixir Monster

Personally, out of all of these new Clash Royale developer cards, the elixir monster is my favorite and potentially the most dangerous card Clash Royale has ever seen. The EM is like a golem, it starts as a blob of elixir, but as it dies it splits into two “elixirites”. The main thing about this card is that those elixirites will regrow into the main elixir monster if you don’t kill it fast enough. However, the developers decided that this was too dangerous and is trying to rework it.

Butterfly Spell


The butterfly spell actually turned into the current day tornado in Clash Royale, but all cards have humble beginnings. The butterfly spell had a simple concept, spawn butterflies as a troop distraction. This card wouldn’t be like the skeleton army because it couldn’t do damage, it would just act as a distraction! Anyways, it got morphed around a lot because the butterflies were not pretty on screen and it turned into the current day tornado!

Clash Royale New Card Butterfly Spell

Portal Spell

The portal spell has a really simple concept that has been discussed a lot within the Clash Royale community. Basically, the portal would shift all troops that walked towards it to another spot on the map. Of course, this would be crazy OP, so the developer team started working with the idea that it would mirror the spot on the other side of the map. Basically, if you are pushing the right side of the map, and play the portal, then your troops would move to that exact spot on the left side of the map. Eventually the whole card was nixed because it had the possibility of killing the game.



Some of you guys might remember the Clash of Clans developer team war where they brought out a bunch of hacked versions of the game and one of the troops added was the Mega Pekka. The Mega Pekka is the 3rd Pekka, behind the mini-Pekka and the Pekka. The Mega Pekka would have infinite damage, meaning anything he hit would be gone, including the king tower. It would force you to defend agains this card. After the Mega Pekka died, it would spawn a mini-Pekka from inside. To make this card even more ridiculously OP, the Mega Pekka would be immune to zap/lightning reset and freeze. Obviously this card is too powerful, so in order to be incorporated into the game, it would have to be nerfed quite a bit.

Clash Royale New Card Mega Pekka


Barbarian Launcher

If you guys remember, for April Fool’s day last year, the Clash Royale team joked around by saying that the mortar would now shoot goblin barrels. The barbarian launcher is similar to that, except it would be a cannon shooting barbarians. Out of all of the cards on this list, the developer team says that the barbarian launcher is the card most likely to be implemented into Clash Royale. Personally, I like this card a lot and think it would be neat to see in game.


One of the most requested cards to see within Clash Royale is the dragon from Clash of Clans. The Clash Royale developer team feels that they want to put the dragon into the game, but unfortunately it was too big to fit on the map since it would cover troops with its large wingspan. When they were developing this back when Clash Royale first released, they were trying to fit it in, but it was simply too large to make gameplay fluid. That’s how the baby dragon, with its much smaller wingspan, was born into Clash Royale. Hopefully the team will eventually get the dynamics worked out and put it into the game.

Clash Royale New Card Dragon


Trojan Horse

Straight out of world history class, the trojan horse is exactly how it was in the Trojan War. When you send the horse over, it will work similarly to the battle ram. Once the horse is destroyed, 6 goblins will pop out which could be absolutely devastating if the horse dies near the tower. Think about it like a massive goblin barrel. The team also debated changing up the troops inside the horse, so that it truly was a Trojan Horse and you wouldn’t know what was inside. Unfortunately, the idea was nixed because the horse would have been absolutely enormous.


Gift Spell

Personally, I really want to see a challenge around the gift spell, because it is way too unpredictable in real battle. What the gift spell is, is a present that can give anything, from skeletons to the three musketeers. Now if you got lucky with the gift spell, it would be completely rewarding, but if you got skewed with skeletons or the ice spirit, it would hurt a lot. Because of all this, the Clash Royale deemed the gift way too unpredictable.

So that is the 9 cards that the Clash Royale team said that they developed and put in the test game at some point. I hope that you guys not only enjoyed these 9 cards, but gained some insight over what Clash Royale is thinking in terms of new cards added into the game. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash Royale content!

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20 thoughts on “NEW Clash Royale Cards from Developer Team

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  4. They should at an Elixir Drainer. Basically a troop that looks like a moving elixir collector with arms. The amount of damage it does varies with how much elixir the opponent’s card is played. So, if it is attacking a, let’s say… Mini PEKKA, it would drain 1/4 of the Mini PEKKA’s max health everytime it hits it. So, likewise Golem would take 8 hits and the Golemites would also take 8 hits because Golem costs 8 elixir. The confusing part is that 1-elixir skeletons would take 1 hit while if you play skeleton army, each skeleton in the army would take 3 hits since as a whole everything costs 3 elixir. It’s hit speed should be about 1 second and with moderate health. It can’t attack arena towers.


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  6. Anyone ever have the idea of an elixir storage increasing the elixir max? That’d be pretty cool. I think it could hold 5 elixir and cost 7 elixir, making three musketeers a safer card to play. Just making the lifetime a bit better than the x-bow I believe would do the trick to making it into some decks


  7. I love half of these cards, especially the gift spell. That would be good, I just would like it to be something like 4/5 elixir. The Mega PEKKA you made was way too unrealistic, because you said the hit speed is 0.00001 seconds😂


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