Clash Royale Epic Card Rankings (August 2018)

It is time for a new epic card rankings for all the epic cards in Clash Royale! We will be having a power ranking, 24-1, of the epic cards in Clash Royale as of May 2018. As many of you know, I have done this ranking before, when there were still 24 epic cards. The top 5 cards then, in order, were prince, golem, dark prince, executioner, and balloon. Let’s see how much those rankings were shaken up over the past couple balance changes and updates!

You can view the old ranking here:

Clash Royale Ranking the Epic Cards

How the Epic Cards are Ranked

When ranking these cards we put a lot of thought and effort into what makes the best epic card the best. We are considering a variety of different ways to rank which are order in importance as follows:

  1. Versatility
  2. Cost/Damage Ratio (is the card worth it?)
  3. Strength on defense and offense

So now that you know what we are judging on, lets go ahead and get into the rankings, starting with number 24!

Note: Text color indicates which way the card is trending in regard to the May rankings.

Epic Card Rankings

#24- Clone

Clash Royale Clone Spell

In these epic card rankings, the clone is going to remain at the very bottom of the list. There really is just no great use for the clone spell, since it can lead to an easy negative elixir trade because of the mass of cheap spells currently in the meta. The clone desperately needs some sort of rework in order to be relevant, but not OP.

#23- Barbarian Barrel

Barbarian Barrel Clash Royale

Even with a slight buff in the June balance changes, the barbarian barrel has failed to compete with the log for popularity. A lot of players out there don’t think that the extra one elixir for the barb barrel is worth the barbarian, which is probably true, considering that a single barbarian can’t do much damage. The BB needs to be heavier than the log to impact the meta.

#22- Lightning

Lightning Clash Royale

Since the popularity of the fireball, rocket, and poison are so high right now, there isn’t really a lot of space for the lightning to have a spot in the meta. There are a few great places to use lightning, but the 6 elixir cost is what ultimately makes it fall victim to the supremacy of the fireball, which can basically take out the same units when overleveled.

#21- Mirror

Clash Royale Mirror

It’s been a while since the mirror has really seen a lot of use, but the reason why, is that, like most low ranked cards, its use becomes extremely niche and there isn’t a lot of chances for play in a normal match. Sometimes though, the mirror can come in a lot of handy if you bait out your opponent’s counter and then punish them with the same card.

#20- Freeze

Freeze Clash Royale

Don’t get me wrong, freeze can be extremely devastating if used correctly, in the exact right scenario. For example, a half-dead minion horde that your opponent is hoping their tower takes out, is the perfect play for a freeze. You can only also use the freeze if your opponent is low on elixir, or else you’ll be wrecked by the counterpush.

#19- Bowler

Bowler Clash Royale

With the graveyard coming back into the meta a little bit more, the bowler is also going to start to rise, as one of the best cards that synergizes with the graveyard. Even with the graveyard surge, the bowler still needs a little bit more to truly become mainstream in Clash Royale. I’d suggest an attack speed increase as a serious buff.

#18- Hunter

Hunter Clash Royale

Personally, I think that the hunter has such a high ceiling and that he can eventually be one of the best support cards in the game. However, right now, with the wizard and musketeer staying at the top, no one really wants to give the hunter a try. The meta can flip around in a second though, so look for the hunter soon!

#17- X-Bow

Clash Royale XBow

As with the mortar, the x-bow is falling as well as siege decks prove to no longer be as effective as they used to be. Of course, every few months the x-bow and mortar fall off the meta a little bit, only to be revived another few months later. However, at this moment at time, I would advise against siege deck and try some other deck archetype.

#16- Rage

Clash Royale Rage Spell

I’m actually pretty happy to see an overall drop in the rage spell, as it proved to be one of the more annoying cards to play against in Clash Royale. Still, the rage spell can be an effective 2 elixir card, to be combined with the witch and giant combinations. Rage is probably a little underrated, but its tough to be at the top for a non-damage dealing spell.

#15- Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton Clash Royale

Despite falling in the rankings a few spots, the giant skeleton is still at one of the best spots in Clash Royale that it has ever been at. As a defensive clearer as well as a great offensive tank, it can actually be a pretty versatile 6 elixir card. With the PEKKA being pretty popular and the mega knight on the rise, it might be tough to see much more rise though.

#14- Dark Prince

Dark Prince Clash Royale

In the epic rankings, the dark prince is going to be one of our biggest droppers, falling 11 spots from #3 all the way down to #14. Unfortunately, the dark prince got absolutely annihilated by the valkyrie, with the valk being able to counter and be a better defensive option than the dark prince. Lots of players are calling for another buff!

#13- TornadoTornado Clash Royale

Ever since the April balance changes, the tornado has not been as great of a card as it used to be. I’m happy to see this and I think right at this ranking is where the tornado should be. It still has enough power to activate the king’s tower if needed, while its pull strength can definitely get large pushes at bay until you can cycle to a counter.

#12- Prince

Prince Clash Royale

The charge distance nerf really did it in for the prince, dropping him from the #1 epic card down to barely cracking it into the top half of all epic cards. The prince is still a great card though, being a pretty decent tank that forces you to make a counter almost immediately. Hopefully a small buff is applied to the prince to get him back to the top.

#11- Skeleton Army

Skeleton Army Clash Royale

Right now, skeleton army sits at #11, but given another couple weeks, my bet is that the skeleton army could rise up to at least #8. It is the hottest defensive card in Clash Royale right now, used as a very risky counter to the royal hogs. It is just such a devastating card if it goes uncountered, which is why it is pushing back up in the meta.

#10- Guards

Guards Clash Royale

Just like skeleton army, guards have also been rising up through the meta as a powerful defensive card. In the current meta, spells are completely dominating, so it pays off to have a card like the guards that a spell can’t annihilate. Even with the skeleton army posed to overtake it, expect the guards to maintain their top 10 ranking.

#9- Goblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel Clash Royale

It seems that no matter how popular the zap and log get, the goblin barrel will never fade completely away. The cheap cost of the goblin barrel makes it ok if you lose 1 elixir, especially if it means punishing your opponent with another bait card. With more bait cards coming out, the goblin barrel will only get stronger.

#8- Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon Clash Royale

As one of the strongest air troops in the game, the baby dragon has risen to the top, being a great support unit behind the golem and in front of the graveyard. With so much health, the baby dragon can’t be taken out by a spell which is very useful for any support or defensive card. If LavaLoon makes a comeback, the baby dragon will only get better.

#7- Executioner

Executioner Clash Royale

I think this is the first time we have seen the executioner out of the top 5 since the epic card rankings have come out! While the executioner is still an outstanding card to use, there seems to be some lapse in recent usage. He fits in perfectly in giant and hog decks, but with golem decks on the come-up, the executioner is falling back a bit.

#6- Cannon Cart

Cannon Cart Clash Royale

Based on recent trends, the cannon cart is honestly the #1 epic card in Clash Royale, but, like the royal hogs, its rise is too recent to put it all the way up. Instead the cannon cart will have to rely on jumping up sixteen spots from #22 to falling just short up the #6 spot. Don’t expect this to last long though; most of the community is calling for a big nerf.

#5- Balloon

Balloon Clash Royale

In these epic rankings, the balloon is going to maintain its #5 ranking, definitely being a top 10, if not top 5 win condition in Clash Royale. If the lava hound does make the comeback it seems to be making, you can be sure that the balloon will continue its domination as a great air threat, combining with some other card for a killer push.

#4- Poison

Poison Clash Royale

Even though fireball is more popular and similar, the poison spell is still a great option for big beatdown pushes looking to clear a whole bunch of cheap units at once. As we have mentioned many times, the rise of the graveyard means that poison is going to be coming back strong as well. Basically, poison being a good card is a result of the meta.


PEKKA Clash Royale

Definitely one of the best tank cards in Clash Royale, the PEKKA is going to crack into the top 3 here, making big moves. The biggest problem with the PEKKA right now is that it cannot one shot royal hogs, which is a huge drawback. Still the PEKKA one shots about everything else, which makes it key for defense turned to offense.

#2- Golem

Golem Clash Royale

The golem again is going to be right at the peak of the epic rankings, really starting to be the best win condition in Clash Royale, with the hog and royal hogs. It is carrying other cards to the top like the baby dragon and night witch, which is the sign of a top card. This card is one of the best in the game and will continue to be at the top.

#1- Witch

Witch Clash Royale

And the card that has made a ton of leeway over the past couple months is the witch, which has moved all the way up to our number 1 spot in the epic card rankings. There is no doubt whatsoever that the witch should be #1, with the rework that came in the July balance changes making her double as good as a card.

So that is going to wrap it up for our epic card rankings for August of 2018! Stay tuned soon to see our legendary card rankings. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of the rankings!

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47 thoughts on “Clash Royale Epic Card Rankings (August 2018)

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  2. I’m gonna put my rank before you post your epic card ranking

    26. Clone
    25. Mirror
    24. Goblin Giant
    23. X-Bow
    22. Bowler
    21. Freeze
    20. Rage
    19. Giant Skeleton
    18. Dark Prince
    17. Cannon Cart
    16. Skeleton Army
    15. Witch
    14. Hunter
    13. Goblin Barrel
    12. Executioner
    11. Balloon
    10. Guards
    9. Tornado
    8. Prince
    7. Baby Dragon
    6. Golem
    5. PEKKA
    4. Poison
    3. Electro Dragon
    2. Lightning
    1. Barbarian Barrel


  3. I was actually surprised , but out of nowhere, Lightning is back at the top of the meta, with a shockingly good use rate and also having the highest win rate of all cards in the game (tied with Barbarian Barrel)

    I don’t know if this is a good thing or not for me, I mean it’s nice to see some cards being underused for sometime has finally shine, but the problem is I hate facing lightning before……..


      • Yup! I’m pretty worried about lightning though…….. since it’s the card that I hated for the longest time…… but I’ll get over it. It might be problematic for my Prince and Wizard though!


  4. Right now, Goblin Giant’s usage rate is just awful, BUT he does have one of the best win rates in the game. Looks like we have another high skill high reward card


  5. My new rank

    26. Clone
    25. Mirror
    24. X-Bow
    23. Freeze
    22. Bowler
    21. Rage
    20. Goblin Giant (has Really bad use rate but amazing win rate)
    19. Lightning
    18. Giant Skeleton (not saying he’s bad)
    17. Cannon Cart (suffered quite a lot recently)
    16. Dark Prince
    15. Skeleton Army
    14. Electro Dragon (seemed pretty average)
    13. Hunter
    12. Witch
    11. Goblin Barrel
    10. Executioner
    9. Guards
    8. Tornado (I was totally proven wrong, it’s still good)
    7. Balloon
    6. PEKKA
    5. Golem
    4. Baby Dragon (I was shocked but according to the stats, it does seem like Baby Dragon is better than Executioner)
    3. Prince (still amazing)
    2. Barbarian Barrel (it really could be better than Log)
    1. Poison (should be obvious)


  6. My list

    25. Clone
    24. Mirror
    23. Barb Barrel
    22. Goblin Giant (not saying he’s awful)
    21. Bowler
    20. Lightning
    19. Freeze
    18. Rage
    17. Tornado
    16. X-Bow
    15. Skeleton Army
    14. Giant Skeleton
    13. Hunter (he’s so underrated)
    12. Dark Prince
    11. Cannon Cart
    10. Goblin Barrel
    9. Witch
    8. Baby Dragon
    7. Executioner
    6. Guards
    5. Balloon
    4. PEKKA
    3. Golem
    2. Prince (Mega comeback!!!)
    1. Poison (I’m not a fan of poison BUT just look at its win rate……)


    • I actually agree with your top 5 a lot, but with balance changes being announced tomorrow, we are sure to see some change (goblin giant is a confirmed buff)


      • Since April, Dynamike has been too OP, he’s #2 FOR SURE next to Poco (who’s completely dominating the game) before the last update where they finally nerfed them, but they’re still very powerful

        But back to the point, I actually struggled with lightning a lot less, but I still hate it as it makes me hate Balloon before


      • The problem is, I don’t know how to counter it before, and I hated it. When i finally know how to stop it, Lightning ruined my counters to the balloon


      • Yeah……. I think I was using Spear Goblins back then, no idea why I’m using them instead of Minions (I can’t believe that I’m using the worst card in the game) remember before lightning got nerfed, spear goblins are so bad that they have to buff them as well?

        And even then Zap or Arrows wreck these spear throwers, wheares Minions can survive Zap


    • See too be honest I wasn’t sure about putting the witch at #1 either, but I think right now, for her elixir cost, she has the opportunity to change the match much better than a PEKKA or even a golem


  7. Double Prince nerf is probably one of the reasons why I turned away from Clash. (And one of the reason why I started Brawl Stars), I’m a double prince user and I’m very angry about the nerf, But I think Rum Ham said Double Prince will get a bit of a buff to compensate for the severe nerf in June 20th


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