Rascals Statistics and Release Date in Clash Royale

The rascals release date and statistics are finally out in Clash Royale, giving us a full view of what this new card can do. We now know everything about the rascals, including elixir cost and rarity. Here’s all the statistics and information about the rascals, including the rarity and elixir cost!

Rascals New Troop Clash Royale

Rascals Overview

Rascals will be the 84th card added to Clash Royale, and the first common card since the skeleton barrel way back in October. Like most common cards, the rascals won’t be a win condition, but instead will be a support or defensive card.

The rascals card consists of three troops, one boy rascal and two girl rascals. The boy rascal has significantly more health than the girl rascals and acts as a tank for the other two.

Based on the current “Coming soon” section of Clash Royale, we can assume that the rascals release date will be on May 25th, 2018.

Rascals Release Date Clash Royale

Rascals will cost 5 elixir and will first be available for unlock in Arena 9, Jungle Arena. This will give the majority of Clash Royale players the ability to unlock the rascals pretty early on. Now let’s talk a bit about the specifics behind the rascals, specifically their stats and use in Clash Royale!

Rascals Statistics

Because there are two different troops in the rascals card, we actually need to analyze both of them to get a full understanding of the card. First, let’s take a look at the damage dealers of the rascals card, the rascal girls!

Rascals Statistics Girl Rascals Clash Royale

Let’s go ahead and compare the rascal girl stats to some of the cards that are already in place in Clash Royale. This way, you can get a clear understand of what all the numbers mean!

  • Hitpoints: 216 (same as a dart goblin, princess)
  • Damage: 110 (bit more than a dart goblin)
  • Hit Speed: 1.1 seconds (as fast as bats)
  • Speed: Medium (same as knight, archers, balloon, etc.)
  • Range: 5 tiles (same as archers, spear goblins)

If you were to compare these rascal girls to any other card, they would most be like the dart goblin. Rascals is certainly going to add to the log-bait meta, as this is yet another card whose best counter will be the log.

Remember, there are two rascal girls while there is only one rascal guy. Let’s take a look at the statistics for the solo rascal boy!

Rascals Statistics Boy Rascal Clash Royale

  • Hitpoints: 1600 (about the same as a valkyrie)
  • Damage: 110 (same as rascal girls)
  • Hit Speed: 1.3 seconds (same as lava hound, dark prince)
  • Speed: Medium (same as giant skeleton, executioner, mega minion)

Basically, based on these statistics, the rascals will be a card with a knight with two dart goblins in behind. Of course, this is going to fit in well with log bait decks, but we will have to see exactly where the meta takes this new card in Clash Royale.

I’m pretty excited for the release of the rascals, which should be coming either this Friday, May 11th, or next Friday, May 18th, in a special Rascals card tournament. Thanks a lot for reading and comment below what your first impressions are of the rascals and the value they can bring to Clash Royale!

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12 thoughts on “Rascals Statistics and Release Date in Clash Royale

  1. If rascals are OP, then the knight might be useless again…….

    I’m gonna request supercell to undo all nerf to him if that’s the case


    • Hahaha, the thing is they are two different cards. Rascals costs 2 elixir more and, remember, only the rascal boy is like the knight. Knight will still be good as a cheap counter defensive card


      • But the problem is: This feels like Goblin Gang 2……..

        Remember at first Goblin Gang turned Goblins and Spear Goblins useless? I’m worried that’s the case for Knight and Archers


      • Again, remember that this is TWO more elixir than both knight and archers. Both will still be great because of the differences in use. You wouldn’t use the rascals to counter a half dead musketeer


      • Goblin Gang does cost more than Goblins and Spear Goblins and it turned them both useless for a while (Since it’s a discount pack! So Knight + Archers =6 elixir opposing to rascals that only cost 5!) but yeah you got a point, I don’t think Knight and Archers will be useless as well


      • Oh, you are saying knight and archers played together??? Separately, theres no alternative, but together, yeah they are a lot like the rascals!


  2. “Speed: Medium (same as giant skeleton, executioner, giant)” excuse me? Giant’s speed is medium? I thought is slow!


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