How to Win the Rascals Draft Challenge in Clash Royale

The rascals card will finally be available for unlock tomorrow, May 11th, as you can win the rascals draft challenge in Clash Royale to unlock the rascals. Today, I’m going to be teaching you how to get 12 wins and win the rascals draft challenge to unlock the newest card in Clash Royale, the rascals!

Rascals Draft Challenge Clash Royale

Rascals Draft Challenge Overview

As with most new cards introduced into Clash Royale, the rascals will have their very own challenge in which you can win the new card early. For this specific challenge, it will be conducted in draft mode, with the rascals being up for draft by either you or your opponent in every game.

You are able to first unlock the rascals at 12 wins, though there are other rewards scattered throughout the challenge. In fact, every two wins, you’ll receive a special reward in addition to your post-challenge chest. Let’s walk through all the rewards.

Rascals Draft Challenge Rewards Clash Royale

The one time rewards from the rascals draft challenge are as follows:

  • 2 wins: 1,000 gold
  • 4 wins: 20 rare cards
  • 6 wins: 3,000 gold
  • 8 wins: 5 epic cards
  • 10 wins: 10,000 gold
  • 12 wins: 200 rascals

At 12 wins, the 200 rascals will give you just enough cards to upgrade your rascals to level 7, only two levels behind tournament standard. Don’t forget the 20 rare cards and 5 epic cards that you can also win along your path!

If you want more information and the statistics for the rascals, click here. Let’s go ahead and start discussing what strategies you can use to win the rascals draft challenge!

Strategies to Win the Rascals Draft Challenge

It’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of the rascals in order to understand what you need to do in this challenge to get 12 wins and unlock the rascals. The most important thing you can do is study the new card and know what you are dealing with. Here are some more strategies to use in order to defeat the rascals and draft challenge in general.

  • ALWAYS pick log if given the choice: The two rascal girls are able to be taken out by the log, which gives you a huge advantage against the card if you are rocking the log in your deck.
  • Pick the rascals if you have the chance: Since the rascals are a new card, your opponent isn’t going to know how to counter them as well as the other cards. Rascals can be unpredictable when they don’t know how to counter. Also, its always fun to play with the new card!
  • Rock the giant or the golem if possible: Based on the rascals statistics, it seems like they will be a great card to be supporting larger ground tanks like the giant or golem. This will be your best bet for winning with the rascals.
  • Bait cards will reign supreme: When the rascals were first revealed, most players predicted that they would serve well in log-bait decks. This is definitely true with the two rascal girls being the perfect bait. Pick cards that are all log bait so that you can benefit in some way from getting logged if your opponent has it.
  • Don’t forget to deal with the rascal boy: While the two rascal girls are what really can deal some damage on your tower, you can’t just take them out and not counter the rascal boy. The rascal boy can deal just as much damage as the girls, so it’s important to counter him as well.

With those tips, you should be a lot better prepared to win the rascals draft challenges and unlock the rascals two weeks before rascals come out across Clash Royale. Thanks for reading and comment below what your first impressions are of the rascals!

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7 thoughts on “How to Win the Rascals Draft Challenge in Clash Royale

  1. I got 10 wins…….. I SHOULD’VE PICKED THE BOWLER INSTEAD IF THE RASCALS!!!! Rascals are deadly, but Bowler is an amazing counter against them. Maybe Bowler will return to the meta?


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