Strategies to WIN Collection Day in Clan Wars

While War Day gets most of the hype for clan wars in Clash Royale, Collection Day is almost as important for collecting the cards your clan battles with on War Day. We are going to go through the strategies that you can use to win collection day for clan wars in Clash Royale!

Clan Wars Collection Day War Day Clash Royale

Collection Day Overview

As most of you should know, Collection Day is the first of the two days in clan wars, coming on the day before War Day. Collection Day is the time when you can compete in 1v1 or 2v2 battles in order to win cards for your clan to use in War Day. If you don’t want to participate in a clan war, just don’t battle during CD and you’ll be left out of the war with no consequences.

Remember, your card levels that you compete with during War Day are the levels your clan collected during Collection Day.

All of the battles during Collection Day (up to 150, depending on the size of your clan) will take place on the island pictured below, which merges 11 of the 13 arenas (including Training Camp) into one big arena. Here’s the island you’ll be battling on!

Clan Island Clan Wars Clash Royale

The little icons sticking out from the various sections of the arena represent the different gamemodes you can participate in during Collection Day. You get three battles during Collection Day and not all of them need to be in the same gamemode. Here are all the different modes you can compete in during Collection Day:

  • Double Elixir
  • 2v2
  • 2v2 Double Elixir
  • Sudden Death
  • Draft

There will be no normal 1v1 or Triple Elixir during Collection Day (at least not yet). You’ll need to choose one of the four modes listed above to participate in during Collection Day.

After you play a Collection Day battle, you will earn some cards for your “clan card collection” which is the 40 cards that you will be able to use when attacking during War Day. The amount of cards you win during a Collection Day battle will depend on your clan league, your trophy count, and the result of your battle. Here’s a nifty chart, depicting how many cards you’ll win if you are successful in your Collection Day battle, thanks to Clash Royale wiki!

Clash Royale Collection Day Cards Won Clan War

If you lose the battle, your cards won will be exactly half of what a victory would give you.

So if you are in Champion League and your clan is in Legendary League, if you win all three of your battles, you’ll end up winning nearly 3,000 cards for your clan! The whole goal of Collection Day is to earn as many cards as you can so that your clan unlocks all 40 cards and has them upgraded, which makes you more likely to win on war day.

Now that we’ve discussed the important information surroundingCollection Day, let’s go over some advantages for how you can win Collection Day in order to give your clan a big advantage for War Day!

How to Win Collection Day

The key to winning during Collection Day is knowing which gamemode your deck is going to be the most successful in. If you are rocking a heavy 4.6 golem beatdown deck, chances are that you are going to fare a bit better when playing double elixir. On the reverse side, if you are playing a quick 2.8 hog cycle deck, you are probably best trying to take a quick tower in a Sudden Death battle.

I would definitely recommend practicing the mode you want to play before you play it. Sometimes, but not always, there will be a special mode you can friendly battle with in clan chat. Also, if you are playing 2v2 Double Elixir, you should definitely play some regular 2v2 matches beforehand with your partner to figure out their playing style.

Finally, there are a few ways to game the system. Matchmaking during Collection Day is based purely on your personal trophy high, in an attempt to pair together players with the roughly same level cards. If you never push past your trophy high, but keep upgrading your cards, you’ll find it easier and easier to win your Collection Day matchups!

And with that, we are going to end this article on dominating for Collection Day. I hope that I gave you guys a better sense of what Collection Day is and how you can win during Collection Day. Thanks for reading and come back soon for some more clan wars content in Clash Royale!

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