Best Rascals Decks for ALL Arenas in Clash Royale

With the rascals draft  challenge coming to an end, many players have unlocked the rascals and need the best rascals decks in Clash Royale! Rascals are classic log bait cards, but some decks can be strong without the bait. Here are the 3 best rascals decks in  Clash Royale!

Best Rascals Decks Clash Royale

Best Rascals Decks in Clash Royale

Right now, with the rascals being a brand new card, it’s not clear exactly what decks will work best with the rascals included. As mentioned above, the rascals seem to be pretty strong in bait type decks. Also, the rascals work great as any defensive tank card, taking out large pushes. Let’s take a look at the three best rascals decks in Clash Royale so far in the meta!

Giant 3M Rascals Deck

Rascals Giant Deck Clash Royale

In this pretty classic giant three musketeers deck, we have the rascals included as a secondary support unit behind the giant in case you don’t have the elixir for the three musketeers. Luckily, since you have so many solid defensive counters in this deck, the rascals can be used as a versatile card, acting on offense or on defense. Without a one or two elixir troop though, you are going to have to go heavy on defense, which means the rascals can end up getting a bit of damage on the tower.

Hog Cycle Rascals Deck

Rascals Hog Cycle Deck Clash Royale

In theory, this is the deck that the rascals should fit in perfectly. It is a cheap hog deck, with the rascals being the most expensive card in the deck, which leads to them being a great “blocker” card, being able to kill hogs before hitting the tower. After defense, as the rascals turn toward the enemy tower, you should try and drop a hog in front, which would actually turn into a solid 9 elixir push that would be difficult to stop in the absence of the log. You can also drop the musketeer or ice spirit with the hog!

Golem Lumberjack Rascals Deck

Rascals Golem Deck Clash Royale

Before copying this deck, make sure to sub out the mirror for either zap or log. This will make it much easier to take out swarm units. Anyways, you can use the rascals as an amazing support unit in this deck, combining with the night witch or executioner behind the golem for a killer beatdown push. This deck is pretty heavy, so you need to be watching your elixir while playing defense. If you have enough elixir, every defensive stop should be turned into a counterpush!

I wouldn’t recommend playing rascals on the ladder yet, or at least not until you have upgraded them to acceptable level for your trophy count. These decks should be able to help you push up if you want to use the rascals. Thanks for reading and comment below if you have unlocked the rascals yet!

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