Brawl Stars November 2019 Balance Changes Update

Brawl Stars just dropped a balance changes update for November 2019, with no prior warning at all! In this update, brawlers like Darryl and Rico are getting buffed, while Piper and Bull are getting nerfed. Here’s all the balance changes that were in the November 2019 balancing update to Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars November 2019 Balance Changes Update

Brawl Stars November Balance Changes

• Increased Health from 4600 to 4800
• Increased Main Attack damage from 280 to 300 per shell

• Increased Health from 5800 to 6100

• Increased Health from 2400 to 2600

• Decreased Health from 5200 to 4900

• Decreased Main Attack damage at max range from 1600 to 1520

• Decreased Curveball Angle from 100 to 50
• Decreased Curveball Distance from 200 to 100

I’m really loving this balance update, since I feel like they hit on the correct brawlers. Piper needed a nerf to the max range without a doubt, but I was kind of surprised by the Darryl buff, as I feel like he has been in a good place.

That’s all the news right now that we have for another update. These balance changes do seem random, which makes it unlikely we will see another update soon. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about this balancing update!

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