Perfecting your Clan Castle Lure!

Ever have lots of trouble trying to lure the enemy clan castle in war or in multiplayer? I’m here today to help you guys learn the lure!! Its very key to succeeding in war attacks, since in hog and LaLoonion attacks, you will usually lure the CC. This is a step by step guide, covering some often made mistakes.

Step One: Drawing out the CC

This one should be easy but it actually ends up being one of the most difficult in my clan. Basically, you need to send in 2 hogs, balloons, or whatever strategy you are using. TWO will ensure that the entire CC will be lured. DONT put one hog/balloon because that WILL NOT take out the entire clan castle. Here’s how to do it:

Clash of Clans Clan Castle Lure War

But if you only send in one and not the whole CC is lured, your main attacking force will GET TRASHED by the reaining troops. This is why it is key to lure the entire thing out. Here what it will be like if you didn’t:

Clash of Clans Clan Castle Lure War

Step Two: Archer on a Corner

The next step and should easily be the easiest (get the pun) is placing one archer on a building that can’t be targeted by any defenses. This is so that all the CC troops come over in one spot and its an easy kill for the win. Pretty self explanatory, but here’s a picture to help you out:

Clash of Clans Clan Castle Lure War

Step Three: THE KILL

This is obviously the most important is to kill all of the troops that do come out of the enemy Clan Castle. To do this you should use either minions, archers, wizards, or witches. A lightning spells may also prove beneficial. You should surround the enemy troops with a circle of your own, to make sure that any splash damage can’t knock down your troops. Also this will easily allow for each troop to be taken out. Here’s how its done:

Clash of Clans Clan Castle Lure War

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