Town Hall 8 Attack Strategies- Hogs

Hello fellow Clashers! This is part of a brand new series covering EVERY attack strategy and how to use it at a specific Town Hall level! Every Town Hall attack strategy will be accompanied with a video from a YouTuber, who will vary for each episode. Today I have for you Town Hall 8 Hogs!

Here’s the video on how to use the TH8 Hog Strategy

So that is a pretty good coverage of how to use hogs at TH8 as well as having a few example raids for you. Now that you have seen the video, lets discuss it more and go in-depth!

Hogs Army Composition

So most likely you will be using the hogs strategy in war. In my opinion, hogs are the #1 way to three-star fellow Town Hall 8s in war. A basic army should be made up of the following items:


  • Hog Riders (duh)
  • Archers
  • Wizards


  • Heal Spells

The Hogs will be the blunt of your attack with the archers and wizards acting as clean up troops. The heal spells are the only way you can win with hogs! Don’t bring rage, only heals! Since every base is a bit different, here are some basic hog army compositions.

  1. 28 hogs, 32 archers, 7 wizards, 3 heal spells, hogs in CC
  2. 24 hogs, 36 archers, 11 wizards, 3 heal spells, hogs in CC
  3. 32 hogs, 32 archers, 2 wizards, 3 heal spells, wizards in CC

So those are just some basic guidelines on what troops to bring. You can switch it up based on what the base looks like. Speaking of bases, what kind of bases should you attack with hogs?

The Perfect Hog Base

Of course, you need to know what kind of base to attack! If you are attacking a base with hogs are some points this base MUST have for you to attack it.

  • No 4×2 compartments (double giant bombs)
  • Very compact base
  • Flat outside (nothing jutting out)
  • Spread out wizard towers
  • Lureable Clan Castle

So those are must have when attacking with hogs at TH8. If it violates even one of those points, it could mean the end of your raid. Here’s an example of a base that is extremely easy to hog.

 Notice how this base is very compact. All the buildings are close together which means it will be easy for the hogs to navigate! Next, there are no spaces where double giant bombs could be lurking. In fact, there aren’t even any spaces where giant bombs, in general, might be! The base is also a square with out any defenses jutting out. This makes is easy for your hogs to get straight in there and won’t be distracted. Fourth point: spread out wizard towers. 2 wizard towers can’t shoot at the same time. Finally, the CC is very accessible. Drop 2 hogs on the left side and the CC is lured.

Now that you have found your base to attack, you’ve got to find out how you can three-star it!

How to Attack with Hogs

There are 5 major steps when attacking in war with hog riders. I will be showing you these steps by showing you a three star raid on the previous “perfect hog base”

Step One: Luring the Clan Castle

You must, must, MUST lure in the enemy Clan Castle troops in a hog raid. If not those reinforcements will tear through your hogs incredibly fast. So to lure you should drop 2-3 hogs on the side of the base that is nearest to the enemy Clan Castle depending on how deep within the base it is. Make sure the entire Clan Castle is lured out; if only 2 wizards come out, that isn’t the entire unit.

Step Two: Killing the Clan Castle

First step after luring: place one archer on a building way outside where no defenses can touch it. Next, send circle those troops with archers and one or two wizards. This should be enough to kill the entire CC, depending on what is inside. 

Step Three: Send in the Hogs!

First send in one hog in any locations that might have a giant bomb (for outside the base only) After that, nothing can hurt your hogs! You need to find two outside defenses on the base that are reasonably close together and drop two stream of hogs at the same time. You can do this by simultaneously holding down two fingers at your locations. Place all your hogs and watch them destroy the base!

Step Four: Healing your Hogs

Your heal spells are the lifeline of your hog riders and they need to be placed accordingly. You should heal as soon as your hog riders hit a giant bomb, or whenever they are just low on health. Try and place your heal spells based on where the hogs will be; not where they are currently. This will ensure maximum heal for your troops!

Step Five: Go Cleanup!

After your hogs have torn through the village, you need to send in clean-up troops. When your hog riders are about 75% done with the defenses, your troops need to go in. Keep in mind, the biggest issue with hog raids is time, so spread your clean up troops wisely to make sure that you destroy every building as quickly as possible. Place a wizard for every outside building and three archers behind.


Tips to Ensure Success

These are just a few quick tips to follow when raiding with hogs. This is more or less a sum up of the most important points of the entire post!

  • Only use heal spells when raiding with hogs
  • Raid compact bases only
  • Send in two different streams of hogs
  • Use hog rider attacks when you have level 3 and level 4 hogs
  • Notice areas where they could be giant bombs
  • Place clean-up troops where they are protected by your hogs

So that’s about it for TH8 hogs strategy. Don’t worry if you don’t three star your first attack; anywhere above 70% is great! Master hogging and I guarantee you will become a force in war!

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