What to Upgrade First in Clash of Clans (Defenses)

When you get a new Town Hall level what do you upgrade first? In Clash of Clans, this is one of the biggest questions and today Im going to walk you through exactly what to upgrade when you hit a new Town Hall level. I will be sharing the first 5 things! Today I have for you defenses! I already did troops last weekend, which you can see by clicking here. Next weekend will be all army buildings. So lets get this started at Town Hall 6!

What to Upgrade First at Town Hall 6

At TH6, you need to be focused on defending your loot! Most likely you are going to get barched for your loot, which means you need to be upgrading your splash damage. That means mortars and wizard towers. Then, you are going to get mass dragged in war, so you need to upgrade your AD to 4. Cannons and archer towers are next to improve your point defense.

1. Mortars to 4

2. Wizard Towers to 3

3. Air Defense to 4

4. Cannons to 7

5. Archer Towers to 7

What to Upgrade First at Town Hall 7

Once again, you are going to be barched for loot lots of times which is why you need to upgrade your mortars. Air defense is also key, because just like at Town Hall 6, you will be mass dragged almost every single war. Wizard towers will help out with defending your loot. Cannons and teslas, just like before, need to be upgraded to stop giants and other high hitpoint units.

1. Mortars to 5

2. Air Defense to 5

3. Wizard Towers to 4

4. Cannons to 8

5. Teslas to 2

What to Upgrade First at Town Hall 8

Yes, mortars need to be first again. When you have level 6 mortars you can stop level 6 archers from taking your loot! Air defense needs to be upgraded to eliminate mass drag attacks. Cannons overall will help against any hog and GoWiPe attacks. Wizard towers are good to upgrade for any type of defense, war or farming.

1. Mortars to 6

2. Air Defense to 6

3. Cannons to 9

4. Wizard Towers to 5

5. Cannons to 10

What to Upgrade First at Town Hall 9

Once at TH9, you start to stray for mortars being the first thing to upgrade. Wizard towers become the ultimate defense since they can counter every attack throw at you. Mortars slide down to second. Next up are cannons because they are cheap and effective. X-Bows are important for both air and ground attacks. Air defense is key to defending LaLoonion attacks, so if you like war, you better get these upgraded.

1.  Wizard Towers to 7

2. Mortars to 7

3. Cannons to 11

4. X-Bows to 2

5. Air Defense to 7

What to Upgrade First at Town Hall 10

Town Hall 10 is the top of the food chain in Clash of Clans. It completely shakes up the usual upgrade order mostly due to war. You don’t need to upgrade mortars because level 7s one-shot every level archer. Inferno towers do need be upgraded fast to defend everything!  They are the most important defense in the game. Teslas are extremely underrated and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Air Defense level 8 will effectively stop air attacks! Archer towers and wizard towers will help with defending those air units.

1. Inferno Towers to 2

2. Hidden Teslas to 8

3. Air Defense to 8

4. Archer Towers to 12

5. Wizard Towers to 8

Thanks for reading guys! Make sure to stop by next weekend to check out army buildings! Also be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNo3IxCrp34erbCRLmG8HIA

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